It missed Swindon but as I drove to Bristol early doors on Saturday morning, there was snow on the ridge that separates Lyneham and Calne from the M4... By the time that I drove back that way at lunchtime, it had all melted.
West Oxfordshire had a sprinkle more sleet than snow. Now it's glorious.
Any weather watchers in North Devon and what are the projections for that area (Bideford Bay) for the next week?
For once, the yellow warning for Luton was spot on. Snow from 0600 to 1000, resulting in accumulations of 1-3cm at elevations above 150m.

Then the sun came out. None on the ground by 1100 and all gone now.

What a lovely day. Blue skies with the occasional fluffy white cloud. A bit chilly in the light breeze so I'll stay in.
Pleased to report a total lack of snow in Birmingham (me),Lanzarote (cousin),and Manila (niece).
My part of Gods own peninsula is bright and sunny, with a few fast moving clouds.
Although we did have several accidents on part of the M53, and a short closure due to snow, beginning of the week.
The ever young Mrs.B&B chose to work from home that day.

edit for the ever young.
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Sweet! I'm still using a 1980s MasterCrap blower that's so old, it actually has a "Made in Canada" sticker on it.
and @HLD DMR
MasterCrap = Guaranteed for life.
Jamaijax at the mo....
Blowing Snow.... but not bad at all.


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The Aged P in Hertfordshire reported snow this am - but I am pleased to inform frost-bitten Norveners ( take a bow BossHogg) that here on the South Coast Riviera we have crisp Spring sunshine.

...and sagging fences.
and @HLD DMR
MasterCrap = Guaranteed for life.
Jamaijax at the mo....
Blowing Snow.... but not bad at all.
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If I used a MasterCrap it would take me a week to blow the lane ways but the stones would do it in within an a hour or so anyways. My normal snowblower is 7ft wide but since we’ve been having such mild winters as of late my cheap side prevailed and l bought a 4’ model for the Kubota to save petrol. Only used it twice since November, so money well spent, now I’m at the point of just wanting to use it so it does more than just take up space....
It's minus 3c here but supposed to climb to +8c later today. We're into the start of the Spring thaw here.


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It would appear to be winter. Nothing to worry about.


The Glennifer Braes and the hills above Largs, Greenock, Gourock and other bits of North Ayrshire and Renfrewshire (the Knockside and the Crosbie ranges) are socked deep in the white stuff. Looks pretty. If it's not too bad on Saturday I may bimble off on a short walk as my cabin fever is kicking in. I'm definitely sticking to the roads, though.

There be werewolves on the moors, after all...
Many assume that Canada is a frozen tundra in the winter months but for the past few years it has been remarkably mild here in southwestern Ontario. The deepest the frost went was only an inch and the grass didn’t even turn brown, found that out as I kept digging it up with my blower.....

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