Snow White

Once upon a time, in a far away land called i-WRAC, a merry band of travellers were celebrating their safe arrival in the country. Their leader was called Snow White and she was accompanied by seven male persons of limited stature. These seven had grown up together and were great friends. Their life was easy. Although Snow White was their leader, she was kind and gentle to them.
However, one day Snow White was made very worried by finding that a iWRAC mouse had nibbled away at her pretty shoes. She told her men of limited stature that mice must be punished so as to learn to stay away from her shoes.
The clever chaps did not ask how they might be punished but thought they knew Snow White well enough to understand what she meant and that, as their leader, her instructions had to be obeyed without their prevaricating on the nature of the punishment.
They caught the mice who were actually nibbling at the slippers. They knew there were no iWRAC policemen or courts who might punish the mice and there were no monkeys who normally deal with nasty mice. The mice were so hungry it was almost certain they would take no notice of being asked to stop nibbling.
The seven male persons of reduced stature decided to frighten the mice. They put them in shoe boxes and shouted BOO when they came out. They picked one up by his tail and showed him to the others. They took photographs of the wicked mice. Then they made the mice return the slippers and let them go home to their mummy mouse.
When they got home to Enger Land they processed the photographs. A sweet little girl saw the photographs. She thought that mice were lovely things and that the seven had been nasty to them even though she had no idea what wicked things the mice had done. She took the photos to the Rozz Rs and the Sybill were informed.
And so it came to pass that the seven men of limited stature were put on trial. They were good men at heart and they told the truth "Snow White made us do it" Their friends asked what was happening to Snow White who was not very precise in saying how the mice should be frightened. They had only frightened them in the way she had frightened them when they were seven men of even more limited stature.
However, it turned put that Snow White's daddy had alrady spoken to her. 'No sweat darling. Ur one of us. It's well known that people of limited stature may be sacrificed for the cause. It wass just well meaning but misguided zeal. No one shall harm you"
So, there you are. Snow White and her friends all lived happily ever after. Persons of limited stature throughout the land said it was a stitch up but knew that if they could not take a joke, they should not be of limited stature.
Just a fairy tale. Sleep well my children - until next time we need to scare naughty mice.
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