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Snow thread ?

Yes very pretty, ok if you don't have to go anywhere, 2.5hours into work, 3hours home not used to driving in snow and now have to change my pants
There's about 3mm of snow where I am. Personally I want more snow. I like watching people on the local news going to work on ski's, knowing they'll only have to carry them home at 5.30pm when the snows all melted. (Unless you live in Durham or Cumbria).
Excellent> (two feet of snow <snort>)

Chilly here - only 18 degrees this morning and no snow in sight. I miss it sometimes... nahh.
We had a bit of snow on friday, unfortunatelly the only place it seemed to settle was my head. Have yet to get the film developed, but i doubt the photos will be very good because im playing around with a new camera, havent quite got the hang of it yet.

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