Snow Queen

Any one have fond memories of Snow Queen. I'll start the "Snow"ball (geddit?) rolling. In 1991 whilst with the TWA (teenyweenairways. AAC to the ignorant) 15 soldiers were at various stages of ineptitude on the nursery slopes around Oberjoch/Unterjoch when one of our number (a REME) got pi55ed off with the little boxheads who seem to have been born on the slopes. He decided to do a banzai down the slope to try and show the Germans we were good. He was getting upto a remarkable speed when he collided with an old man who was skiing some distance further on down (the slope was pretty empty). The old man was still attired in ski clobber you would expect to see in The Heroes of Telemark and was on his arse shouting in German at our hero. Our hero, meanwhile, was on the deck writhing in fcuking agony. Typical squaddie humour. The rest of us were pissing ourselves. An instructor then called out the Ski rescue who decided to call out a rescue chopper. Then the real fun began. All and sundry were watching as if this was some novelty. Our man was on the ground in agony and all we could do was carry on laughing as we made our way down the slope to the bar.

Another one is that later on that week on an empty slope 5 soldiers all managed to veer towards a lone tree in the middle of said slope. Why?
Got on one in late '87 :oops: and I think it was before they started trying to justify the huge subsidies at taxpayer's expense by teaching "Snow Survival" for a couple of days.

I certainly don't remember digging a snow hole anyway, just drinking my own body weight in vodka and beer every chuffing night before "egging" it from the top of the mountain to the bottom the following day (over and over and over.......... :D )
Yeah Snow Queen, early 80s stayed in a "hut" in Wertach, drank loads of Weiss (Banana) beer, visited the Baranklause Night Club?? neigh on everynight. remember having to get early to go and get the bread rolls from the bakery. We used the rolls for our packed lunch on the slopes. the fact is we had lunch in a pub every day and the said rolls were used as missiles when bombing down a slope shouting "Vorsicht" to any civvies in the way. Having mastered the basics of skiing I remember going into Sonthoffen to go Ice skating.. that fcukin hurt more than skiing!! And of course the "Bavarian" girls seemed have less STDs than the Dortmund girls bless em.
In the AAC hut every morning, the smell of those fresh bread rolls. Getting dicked for a day of dixie bashing and helping one's self to to the rolls and fresh meats.
IIRC didn't a couple of Bill Oddies who were on a Snow Queen cream in and die after attempting an Eddie the Eagle style ski jump on a beer crate?

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