Snow in winter shock horror probe

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Blogg, Feb 7, 2007.

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  1. Look at the picture

    Where the hell is Trimdon?

    (DON't say 'In the North East' please :frustrated: )

    Even if i knew, i doubt i would care
  2. Nevermind the huns, Us North of the Border find it funny as f+ck watching England grind to a halt whenever you even see a snow flake!
  3. WE had a dusting of snow in NE Scotland, panic at work I was sent home at lunchtime FFS, then the sun came out .
  4. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Ho hum - one hour trip tomorrow will take three hour instead. Shite lunatic drivers to the fore!
  5. I had SFA snow north of the silvery tay :pissedoff:
  6. The other week we had 3 feet of snow fall in the space of 60 hours.
  7. stop boasting! its not special snow like it is over here that can defeat trains and the like!
  8. You mean like the special leaves that have the same effect?
  9. It's amazing that other countries don't seem to get snow/leaves/water falling anywhere near their railways. That must be it, right? 'cos why else would the rail service here make such a fuss?

  10. ssssh we deploying them against the Taliban once the snow goes!
  11. I was in Norway last year and the roads are pretty much iced up the whole time. It doesn't stop the drivers screaming along at 60 mph as casual as you like, which I thought pretty cool

    Here in Britain it's like Armageddon! The slightest bit of weather and everything goes haywire. "We're all doomed"!

    My missus was panicking today about going to the shops to stock up on bread and milk! Silly bint.
  12. I'm off portsmouth in it tomorrow. Oh what fun.
  13. We had an exercise called off in Germany. 1976 I think? Think it was something like 30 below and geezers were freezing at the controls of their 432's and it was considered too dangerous. How them Stalingrad veterans laughed!

    We are bloody soft here now though. Some of us remember Winter 1963. Every barsteward thing froze and we had snow, snow and more snow. Outside toilets, one coal fire, the only double glazing was in national health glasses. Old army great coats for duvet covers.

    Don't suppose many on here remember the great coat? They were great (Hmmm?) but bloody heavy and I hated sewing the buttons on.

    Trouble with this country now is that we are just not used to heavy snow any more. That and most councils and companies are sh1te and couldn't organise a p1ss up in a brewery. Nowt new there then?
  14. Maybe because they have compulsory studded winter tyres, consistantly cold weather, eat a diet of fish and saurkraut and are all retards...

    Not forgettting they slap with palms when scrapping!!