Snow Falling on Idiots

Drove my daughter to school today..snow was falling.. nothing special.. just a few centimetres..not unexpected this time of year.. its Canada after all.. the True North Strong[ allegedly] and Free[ relatively ]..still she was a tad disappointed as she had hoped for a 'snow day''..

I tried to cheer her up by suggesting she could still tromp about with her peers enjoying the snow, though, to be sure, the snow consistency wasn't the best for making good snowballs.

She informed me that the school forbid picking up snow as it was an 'aggressive gesture' .. WTF? I suggested that she could make snowmen or something..she told me that they could create snow figures but weren't allowed to call them 'men' or ' women' as that could be potentially offensive ..

Jeezus.. I asked about making snow forts or something.. She said the school allowed them to create snow structures but they couldn't call them 'forts' as that was antagonistic and suggested exclusivity...

PC has the world truly f@&ked..
Can tell your in Canada,
3 centimeters of snow,you were driving,got where you needed to be in time and it was open.........................
Aprt from that I think the PC bollox is universal to the western hemisphere
Its a KGB plot to undermine us I tell you

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