Snow delays flights, disrupts commutes in Europe

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by KGB_resident, Feb 2, 2009.

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    Have you any problems with the snowfall? Are the roads been cleared from snow?

    -19 this morning in Moscow. Not too cold really because -38 was predicted.
  2. I blame the spetznaz units. 8)
  3. I woke up to less than 5mm of snow and its now stopped snowing.
  4. I must be unlucky 20 cm and still snowing in Surrey
  5. Sergy, most of Eastern (and Western) Europe can deal with snow. It happens on an anual basis. This country however, we turn into a panic stricken gridlock with no movement. You would think it was armagedon. If Putin wants to put pressure on the UK, dont threaten us with nukes - threaten to dump 5 inches of snow on us
  6. Haha lol the snow isnt that bad in Redditch infact everything is working and going ahead as normal only one school closure and thats the special school
  7. Part of the problems has to be our push for green motoring etc. 4X4 is bad, as is a powerful heavy car. These days, we have low rolling resistance tyres with sod all grip in bad weather. What happened to winter tyres and keeping a couple of sacks and a shovel in the boot?
  8. Just had a march out canceled on me because DHE/MHS are saying the road to the village where the 1/4 is at is too bad.

    "That will be the road I've just driven down to get into work then?"

    Then spent another bugger about re-booking via central bookings, because they cannot arrange it locally. I'm not far off just posting the keys back through the office front window tied to a bloody brick.

    God, Mondays get me down.
  9. Still snowing here in Notts, decided to work from home so I'm sitting in my living room listening to the Specials.

    Hard life innit. 8)

    "Working for the rat-race......."
  10. Here in Hungary we have Summer and Winter tyre sets. Initial outlay is expensive but tyres last twice as long and hey presto! no problems with getting around. Even the village roads are clear.
  11. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Usual pathetic response in the UK. Watched the local BBC news where some hysterical reporter in Kent was blabbering about "just how bad is this going to get...". So I drove to work through 0.5mm of dusted snow, to find half the Civil Servants have decided not to turn in because of the weather.
  12. Would be interesting to see the number of Civil Servants turn up for work in MoD compared with Servicemen. [Please don't include the RAF as this would slew the figures]
  13. Still bucketing it down in Sheffield. Got near to 6cm, roads are lethal in some area's with one person ski-ing past me...
  14. Fair bit of snow this morning, varying between 20 to 25cm in places.

    Off I went at 06.30 trundling along deserted back roads, quite pleasant really but then I was in my ancient Land Cruiser which has proper snow & mud rated tyres. So where was all this chaos I was hearing on the radio?

    Well, when I got to the (untreated) A road I found it. Cars crawling along yet slithering all over the place including a couple of poncey lifestyle 4x4's thanks to the plonkers having low profile "performance" tyres. Sure I heard my old LC sneer at them.

    By 08.00 and still crawling along and then came to a complete stop. At 09,00 gave up, turned round and have spent the past hour fighting my way back through the mess on main roads. And according to the forecast, more snow with a bit of a blow this PM.

    Yes, we are mostly wholly unequipped for this. No trains, bus companies given up and all schools closed round here . Hospitals only taking A&E. Plod seem unprepared as well. Saw a couple of Police cars having a bad time so they seem to be on the same "useless for snow" tyres as most of the country.
  15. Had to go to the dentist at 0830 this morning in Hove - about 6" of snow and nothing appears to have been gritted but the bonus is there is no one on the road. Drove from Brighton to work in Burgess Hill after and found Brighton passable as long as there were no other cars around. Drivers seem to think that the correct speed to drive in heavy snow is 5mph in 1st gear! The inevitable happened on Dyke Road (no, not that sort of Dyke), someone stopped on a hilly bit and couldn't get going again. After getting past that bit onto the A23 the road was clear and well gritted - must be the responsibility of a different council.