Snow Collars on water bottle pouches?

Just picked up a new pair of these in a surplus shop going cheap. But they have waterproof PU coated nylon snow collars with draw strings?

Nice modification to stop stuff dropping out, but I've never seen it before.

Is it old or new stuff? A trial item? Is it a special order item for arctic deployments or something?

And can I get some ute pouches with snow collars too? I think it would be more useful on the utes than on the water bottle pouches


Can you not just use them as utilities, and use your non cuff utilities for water bottles?

General Melchett

Get some pictures up Walt.
Cant get piccie up, but the NSN is identical to the current issue pouches without the snow collar, ie: but the labels says DPM IRR (SHROUD), dated 2002, so quite old stock.

Would be nice to get utes with the 'shroud' but unlikely if old stock.

I only use one ute normally, my set up being ute centre rear, using metal triangle hole loop thingies on top to attach yoke. Water bottle pouches either side, misc pouches for GPS/mobile/radio and dbl ammo on left, commanders pouch on right. (For my red book and bags of Haribo :thumright: )

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