Snow, Bad weather!

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Trip_Wire, Jan 16, 2007.

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  1. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

    I'm already getting sick of our weather lately! First windstorms, power outages and now snow! We've had 6 inches of snow around since last Wednesday! Now tonight we're gonna get some more! :frustrated:

    My house and car below! :thumbdown:

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  2. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

    My dog Mya in the @#@# snow! :pissedoff:

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  3. Nice gaff mate
  4. Trip,

    Where are you in the States dude? And I was wondering if you could get your ride any closer to the house without bending a fender. :) Agreed though, nice gaff mucker.

  5. Dog is ugly as sin mind!
  6. Even here in LA it's dipping below freezing at night. Item No.1 on the local news for the last 3 days is the frost damage to the citrus crop and the likely rise in price of oranges. (Perhaps as soon as this week- shock, horror!)

    In case you were wondering, homeless people freezing to death on the streets is No.4 on their list of concerns, behind the latest gossip about O.J.'s "If I did it" book and the snow forecast for the ski resorts like Mammoth and Big Bear. I think there may have been something on the Iraq war later on in the broadcast, but I had already put my boot through the screen by then.
  7. Oh I dont know, a case of Amber Bock and a jar of peanut butter and that dog could be a date. :headbang:
  8. Nice digs Trip. Nice wheels . Nice dog too. What breed? Pitbull?
  9. As long as you don't go for the marmite round the nuts routine Dummy!
  10. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

    Federal Way, Washington State, A bedroom community of Seatlle and Tacoma, WA (Halfway between both cities.)

    To me, my dog is beautiful!I love her, she is a GREAT companion and friend! :blowkiss:
  11. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

    No Way! This is a Miniture Bull Terrier, a well known breed in the UK! General Patton also was owned by several bull terriers, all named Williy!

    They are a great breed that do not have the same problems as the American Pit Bull.

    I think the Queen has a couple of full sized Bull Terriers!
  12. Stop moaning whingebag.

    Temperatures are getting as low as -40C with windchill and its a challenge keeping the motor on the road in the high wind. I don't hate it just live with it. You know its getting bad when the power steering fluid in the motor starts to freeze!
  13. Fair play mate

    She has got a big nose though!
  14. Nearly missed the mutley, so well cammed up.

    edited to add; It's plummeted to 73degF tonight -had to put a long sleeve shirt on, ffs!
  15. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

    This is the normal parking position for the SUV. My wife drives it most of the time and she will not use the 2 car garage. (It is a tight fit.)

    My car a 2006 Silver Lexus GS 300 AWD, is in the right side and a 91 Red Mita roadster is in the left side.

    The car in the driveway is a Silver 2005 Lexus 330, which gets the most use because it there and easy to get into, etc.

    We both really think the Lexus and/or Toyata are great cars! :numberone: