Snot strings

Was having one of my (now regular) interviews without chairs recently, getting talked down to like a 12 year old etc, when the old hayfever hit. I was braced up in front of the boss, awaiting my extras when he asks the standard question "Have you anything to say for yourself?".

In the ensuing silence, I decide that this is the best opportunity to sneeze. Any of those here who know me will be happy to tell you about the size of my snout, and the old fella did me proud. A string of snot flew from my hooter at warp speed, seperating into two individual projectiles. One landed on the charge sheet, the other (which didn't reach escape velocity) stayed attached, coming to rest on my bottom lip.

The room frooze just long enough for the bogy to start soaking into the charge sheet, just where the CO signs.

I didn't know what to say, so I said the first thing that I thought.

"At least I didn't fart, sir".

"ABOUT TURN!! QUICK MARCH!! LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT" etc. 10 extras. Not bad considering?

Do any arrsers have any similar incidents, or any humerous ways to "lighten the mood" in such situations.

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