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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Busta-Gut, Oct 26, 2007.

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  1. Scenario:

    06 hunert hours driving a pick up truck from North of Toronto to Downtown Toronto.

    Tooling along at 80mph, listening to Q107 rock, the current song ends and “here’s numpty with the traffic… Numpty: “This here road is fcuked up, this road is a barsteward, bunch of pillocks in an accident here, fender bender here, cnut here, road closed for a shooting investigation, blah, blah, blah….. moving to the 404/DVP (ears prick up) …….we have a serious situation at the bottom of the DVP & Lakeshore Rd, dump truck rolled over - traffic is backed up to… FECK ME… That is a TWENTY fcukin mile traffic jam !!!!

    An hour later, still crawling along, bored out of my tree, I jab a finger in right nostril and clear out the nightly dregs, not much - just a few slim pickings, not enough to roll one up kinda thing. Move to left nostril, manage to grab a couple of malingerers up at the front… a few finger flickers, but still nothing to write a post about.

    Poke finger deeper this time, still in left hole, bottom right hand corner, between the hard wall and inner snek, “Wait, what’s this ?” I muse. “Ohhh yeah baby, there’s a corker stuck there, a right fcukin beaut, a fcukin humdinger.

    Shite, the finger just can’t reach it, just a tickle, no grabbing power. Regretting the fact I had earlier bit my fingers nails, I shut the right hole and blew down…… Fcukin “A”..movement.. now I am in business. Finger closes in upon the booger… just a smidge more… GOTYA ya fecker !!

    What a fine specimen boys… hard crust on top, soft smudgy middle, tailing off to a green slime ball…….A ROLLER. Hehe, I can roll this around for hours…but ….“wait what’s this ? ”…….It came loose……followed by one of those 15” long clear stringy thingy’s that is suction cupped to the brain. So my finger is out at least a foot with the booger on one end and one end stuck to my brain. When it finally breaks free I have ended up with a dangler.

    I know what I did but what do proper arrses do:

    Do you guys snip the end off to get rolling ?

    or do you flick the snotty part around the fingers to dry it off and add it to the pile
  2. i,m pissed and i still don,t know wtf your on about.quit now please,you might regret posting this dross in here. :p
  3. Eat it. It's all valuable protein. :lol:

  4. My dear jibman....

    I think I have to agree with you on this one...I have had a tipple and cannot for the life of me make out what BUSTA is on it BATCO.
  5. Keep rolling it between your fingers till it stops being sticky then flick it.

    Then do the other nostril
  6. Take it to the Goodyear Rubber Co. They might find a use for it. :twisted: