Snot (horque, greeners, loogies, etc)

Snot as a Sexual Lubricant, your thoughts here.

Frankly the price of astra glide and such has gone throught the roof, and Mrs FV mk3 will not take the hoop routine dry. As a cigarette smoker, I have loads of lungbutter at my disposal, and it's free. What do you think?Are there any health concerns to either party which should be taken into account? A professional's (MD, RN) advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


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Clear your throat and shout loudly "brace up bitch I'm coming in dry".....boolloocks to lubricants


Surely any pecker pickings will be inadequate for the task? Or do you have an enormous schnoz or is your girlfriends dispatch box extremely small..... or do you perchance build it up over time in a jar in the fridge and then zap in the microwave.... please expound! 8O
Haha you got it in only 3 tries. Nice one, deadreckon.Mostly though, I would prefer to just snort/hawk up a nice oyster, spit it on the ol' redeye and heave/ho. Have to examine possible health risks first beforrliva ying, though. Regular sae tjust does not provide enough texture anymore.
Snot as a Sexual Lubricant, your thoughts here.

While I have no experience of snot as a sexual lubricant, I can recommend the pus from septic pimples, either hers/his or your own. The site of the pimples is important, as pimples that are covered by clothing seem to be a tad more runny than those that are exposed to the air. Hope this is of help to you.
There's always Crisco Link

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