Those days are in the past now, but I remember the nightly battles on those occasions I was in a shared billet to get to sleep first before someone else started snoring.

I tried ear defenders on one occasion and on another occasion - sharing a room with three Army and one Marine - retreated to the TV room for some kip.

Any tips or stories on how snoring-related sleep disturbance was avoided? The only partial cure I found was lots of booze.
those little yellow foam ear plugs plus a set of amplovox and eight pints work for me plus throwwing your boots at the snorer works my unit has some legendary snorers who always wake up with about 20 boots round them
Lololol. Ahh, memories. The boots around the bed space in the morning is so funny.

Lots of beer is the only way I'll get to sleep with a snorer around. Maybe I'll fill the unsuspecting persons mouth with those yellow squidgy ear things next time to see if that works, rather than sweat my ears out with them.
Frequent kidney punches to & the partial smothering of the snorer don't stop the problem, but they alleviate the stress caused by sleep deprivation! :twisted:
There is an operation that can be performed to stop snoring, an operation that I have been tempted to perform using a Leatherman...
The heavier snorers amongst you may wish to invest in the equpiment I am so ably modelling in the gallery.

CPAP at work.

unfortunatly i snore, i know it, so do other snorers, everybody in my billet on camp are usually ok about it, as they are heavy sleepers, thank fuk,

only tip i can give you is ear plugs+deep sleep or try Morphine don't forget to write the time you had the injection on your head :p
I find that if they are male, punching the snorer repeatedly usually works. For a female snorer, then usuaully it is best to wake them gently, shag them senseless and then swiftly nip off to kip before they realise they have been de-snored...or indeed shagged in my case.
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