Discussion in 'Gunners' started by GNR40, Mar 31, 2006.

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  1. I'm sure that almost everyone in the ARRSE can relate to the dreaded snorer in the room/guardroom/basha who is blissfully unaware of the mayhem he/she causes once the head hits the pillow (especially after a night on the lash). The only reason he knew something was up was due to the amount of kit around his pit space when he woke up (all missed I might add). Can anyone tell me what they have done to (legally!) lessen the pain of the snorer? Cheers.
  2. Surely all proper gunners are stone deaf and oblivious to the snoring of their muckers. :wink:
  3. No...not not deaf, just a bad case of Tinnitus. Anyway, all real Gunners snore at max charge (noisy so and so's)
  4. i know when i'm with my lass in bed she lets me know how much i'm snoring by the severity of the kick in the back
  5. Well apart from the usual well aimed boot or side locker an easy and non painful way to stop someone snoring it to whistle. You don't need to use the old Acme Thunderer :) Just whistle at a reasonably loud level and it is 99% guaranteed to stop the snorer for a while, normally long enough to get to sleep yourself.

    Not as much fun as a thunderbang under the bed or a bucket of something liquid over the head but easier to do at dark o'clock in the morning.
  6. I was told when doing basic training a LOOOONG time ago that you shouldn't wake a snorer whilst being tactical 'cos the startled grunting would be louder than the snoring. SOP was to tickle their nostrils with a stalk of grass and they'd stop snoring. I tried it afew times, it worked.
    Never heard that remedy anywhere else.