Snooker World Championship

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Animal_Mother, Apr 18, 2008.

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  1. The World Championships start tommorow, anyone else watch the snooker? I think Maguire will win it this year.
  2. Maguire is good but seems to be unable to hold his nerve, ala Jimmy White. Ronnie will go out early, I just can't see him holding his concentration long enough. As for Murphy, since winning the Crucible he hasn't been able to maintain the consistency required to mount a serious challenge.

    I personally think Higgins is about to embark on another win. He's got the best all round game in the world at the moment, and is less likely to bottle it.
  3. I don't follow snooker enough to keep an eye on new players, form etc. so don't know who will win but I'm always hooked on the World Championships on TV. I can't wait, glued to the sofa for hours....
  4. I think that Mark Selby will win it, been impressed with him since last year when he was runner-up.
  5. I can't see O'Sullivan doing it this year but you can never write him off. Seems to have lost his focus over the past few months. Maguire has a very good draw and should challenge strongly.

    Does anybody know the prize-money on offer this year?
  6. £250,000
  7. Thanks

    Same as last year I think.
  8. I did have a look at the draws last night. I'd love to see Matthew Stevens win this one. I think he's wonderful. But I like Higgins too. It's a shame one of them will be out of it so early on. And I could listen to Terry Williams talking about "scraaaaaa.....ppy frames" 24/7. :D
  9. As long as Ebdon doesn't bore his way through the rounds, i'm not bothered.
  10. It's about time Hendry packed up I think. He's been poor again, Higgins looks in decent form though.
  11. He's still capable of an upset. Steve Davis is still in the top 16. Can't beat quality.
  12. Yeah he is but I cant see Hendry sticking around as long as Davis has.
  13. Especially after this afternoon's showing.

    I always look forward to watching him lose, he's arrogant f*ck and a terrible loser.
  14. Urgh he won in the end. Ronnie's on wednesday apparently. I'm still stickin by my prediction of Maguire winnin it