Snollygoster - unprincipled person, especially a politician

Like everyone on this site I am disgusted & disappointed at the level of sleaze & fraud exhibited by our 'Rt Hon & Hon' MP's and the blatant disreguard they have for the British public. :evil: I have registered the domain name and hopefully wil be creating a site where all the current corruption committed by them can be viewed in one place. If this helps to end the career of any one of these Honourable Members then at least I can say I did something of use. :x rather than just explode everytime one of them trots out the same old mantra, 'It was in the rules etc'

If you would like to help me achieve this, please use this thread to post links to examples of their abuse of the system. Start the post with MP's Name & Constituencey and then the link to where the details of the 'genuine mistakes' / ''It was within the rules' page is.

There is a lot of work to do to get the site up & running but hopefully I should get something up soon. I am also trying to find where the correct explanations for all their excuses is or if someone could add them on this thread that would help as well.

Also if anyone with creative talents could design an appropriate logo that could be used on the site. Maybe Arrse could hold a poll to choose the best one.

BTW This is my first post using this name. I do have another account on the site & am not a journalist but ex forces 23 yrs. (1975 - 1998)

Thanks in advance.


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