Discussion in 'Juniors' started by The_Four, Jan 18, 2012.

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  1. Alright lads,

    Fcuked up rather big time and got into a fight in phase one, am expecting serious ROPs or SNLR and was wondering in civvi street how this would effect job hunting and such.

    Additional information, I would like my career to continue but if worse comes to worse and I get discharged would it rule me out of a career in the Fire Brigade? I am also fully aware attempting to rejoin is rather futile but are there any, if rare sucsess stories? Cheers

  2. If you've only been in that short of time, don't even put "Army" on your CV. Forget it ever happened. No-one's gonna know.

    Putting it on your CV will only get future employers asking why you were in for such a short length of time.
  3. Good point P_A would I not be required to include it in a CV?
  4. Put what you want onto YOUR CV! Remember though, whatever you put is subject to scrutiny.
  5. I have omitted a couple of short contracts from my CV. The reason being that they were only of 5 - 8 weeks in length. Some potential employers don't like to see short jobs on CVs. This is because they don't know the length of the contract, and can only assume that you were shite and "let go"

    So I just closed the gap by exaggerating the end/start date of the jobs either side.
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  6. It must have been some scrap for them to be consdering you SNLR. Who's told you that you may be for the boot?

  7. AFC is having trouble with the senior intake fighting and as me and the other chap teared chucks out of eachother and there was minor permenant damage involved, CSM wants to throw the book at us and make an example.
  8. Seriously? In my day "inter Coy" boxing was actively encouraged as an extra-curricular activity. ******* queers.
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  9. If you leave a gap in your CV, no matter how small, someone is going to ask why.

    You could simply put (for example)

    Jan 2011 - Aug 2011 Sales assistant, Tesco
    Aug 2011 - Oct 2011 Recruit, British Army
    Nov 2011 - Present Labourer, Bodget & Scarper Builders


    Jan 2011 - Jan 2012 Portfolio based work, including Tescos; Britsh Army, Bodget & Scarper Builders
  10. I'd worry about it if it happens chap, I think the important question here is did you win? Your CSM will certainly have an imput on your discharge, but the decision for you to go is not his.

  11. RMP are popping over today according to my full screw, so I'll have a better idea on the situation, it could well be the CSM was majorly pissed off when I was in his office last month (the day after the incident) a month on it's all been silent on the front but today's the day i'm hopefully told what's going on.
  12. How about the lad books an appointment with his Pn Commander and says he has been a bloody fool, has learnt his lesson, will take his medicine but that he is desperate to stay in. I don't think that would hurt.

    What do you blokes think?
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  13. See a specialist Military Lawyer pronto.

    They should know exactly where you stand.

    Good luck
  14. The RMP! What happened to O.C.'s orders? If you got in a scrap and for some obscure reason, it was noticed, you would get marched in front of the OC and dealt with. Sign of the times?

    Bit like suede and goretex boots and no gate guard duty. :)
  15. Make sure you have an officer or SNCO you trust, sit in on the interview.

    Also remember you do not have to say anything, think before you speak.
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