Discussion in 'Military Discipline' started by Jamesmonty20, Jun 23, 2011.

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  1. I have recently been recommended to be TU (Temperamental unsuitability) from the army. I was under the impression this was classed as a Administrative discharge however on my discharge paperwork it states SNLR. Is this correct and if so, how is it correct?
  2. Its the same thing, basically f**k off
  3. What have you done, or not as the case may be? Just for interest thats all.
  4. Was it under the recommendation of an MO? Could have been for a variety of reasons, take that fella in that series Commando: On the front line, he was allowed an SNLR from CTC within 1 week of arriving because it was explained he was unsuited to military life
  5. My platoon commander noticed I was quite distressed and booked me an appointment with the MO. MO sent me to the department of community mental health and I was then seen by a psychiatrist.
  6. Would you rather is said SNLR, or "basket case nut job"?
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  7. You would have been told why your being discharged under SNLR grounds, so either this is a wah or something else
  8. Surely if this is to be a Medical Discharge, the category is 'Medical Grade Below Enlistment Standard'?
  9. His name wasn't Edward Windsor, by any chance?
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  10. Barking and running around on all fours distressed. Or feeling a little bit down in the dumps. Why do you care?
  11. Just to clear a few things up, a TU discharge does not mean the individual is a nut job, nor does it class as a medical discharge. In layman's terms, being classed as TU just means that an individual is not suited to life in the military (square peg in a round hole type of deal).

    This should have been explained in full to the OP by the Consultant Psychiatrist who made the recommendation. As to the final wording on his discharge paperwork I'm not convinced a SNLR would be the correct method but not 100% certain on this.
  12. RFAS UFAS is there a differience ?
  13. Can you rejoin with a TU SNLR discharge if you got discharged 8 years ago
  14. I see a gleaming future in HR once you've finished in the mob.
  15. Did you put your underpants on your head, two pencils up your nose and said "wibble" by any chance
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