This has probably already been mentioned on here somewhere but I really haven’t had time to look! I left the army (R Irish Home Service Full Time) in 2000 with a "Services no Longer Required". Not through any real misdemeanour but more so cause I was young and also wanted a transfer to a general service unit which I was refused being told that due to operational commitments in the province at the time it was not feasible so I got out early. I did however receive an exemplary discharge report and have since been a member of a UOTC (about 4 years) and an ACF instructor (about 3 years). The point I am getting to is does my "SNLR" prevent me from re-enlisted into the Regs?
Each case is on an individual basis. Your best bet is to just head to the AFCO or ACIO, bite the bullet and see what happens.

Wouldn't hold your breath though.
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