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I am posting on behalf of an ex-gurkha who was discharged under SNLR qn's para a month before he became eligible for the gurkha pension scheme (AFPS75). Can anyone tell me if he will loose 'the nearly' 15 years of service or is he due a pension of some sort. It was not explained to him when he signed the request for discharge that he would loose his pension. It has been suggested that he appeals and requests an extension - is this likely if he has been discharged for the above reasons?

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I can't comment on the manning side of this but it does look as if no pension is payable (see page 10 of the attached). For service over 4 years but less than 15, a resettlement grant is due but no preserved pension.


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Thank you that is helpful. Not being very familiar with pension schemes - if my understanding is correct there is a qualifying period which is 15 years. Anything below 22 years is preserved until qualifying retirement age... You mention in the above the 'manning side' what is this? Sorry for so many questions.

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No. You are mixing the schemes up.

The Gurkha pension scheme pays a pension for those who give 15 years Reckonable Service (RS). If they give less than 15 - no normal pension.

AFPS 75 has a minimum qualification period of 2 years RS. If a member gives 22 years RS as an Other Rank (16 as an Officer), the pension due from AFPS 75 is paid Immediately. If they give more than 2 yrs RS but less than the 22/16, they get a preserved pension payable at age 60 for pensions earned up to and including 5 April 2006 and 65 for the balance.

Very few people stayed in the Gurkha pension scheme following the GOTT (far bigger pensions in AFPSs) but it is thought that the pension paid after 15 yrs was attractive to some and the fact that, in the event of the member's death, the pension could be passed on to a larger range of dependants than AFPS would allow.

The 'manning side' is about dates of discharge and the likelihood of the Army allowing a change. Not my part of ship I'm afraid and I would not venture a guess.

PS. I don't mind the questions.
:) I am glad you like questions. You are in luck I have another.

Based on what I have read, so far, a Gurkha should be entitled to a resettlement grant, death-cum-retirement and service gratuity. Have you, in your experience, ever heard of someone receiving a resettlement grant and service gratuity instead of a pension?
Can I suggest you point your friend to:

Gurkha Pension Scheme Team SPVA (Glasgow)
Pensions Division
Mail Point 480 Kentigern House, 65 Brown Street Glasgow, G2 8EX
Phone: 0141 224 3600 (enquiry service) Or +44 141 224 3600 from overseas Military: 94560 3600
Freephone: 0800 085 3600

The GWAC located in Aldershot and Salisbury (coloc with GWT) may also be able to provide advice.

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