SNLR and then joining the MPGS

Need some advice here.....

spent 7 hlf years in the RLC, did 3 tours, 2 iraq one afghan, was injured in a roadside bomb in 2007 whilst in afghan, wife sadly lost twin girls whilst i was out there, came back on r and r, started suffering from PTSD really bad. went to welfare unit they didnt help, took me losing my temper with my poor wife for them to realise that i needed help, was sent to brieze norton for help via a "nut doc" as they put it.

Things got bad at home, me and the wife split, and then i lost it, started drinking loads as i couldnt sleep, the unit wouldnt let me go to see the doc at brieze norton then i went AWOL for 2 weeks, was sent to colchester for a month but had already put in to sign off a year before, was realesed from MCTC and then was disharged under "SNLR".

Its been 2 years since i left the army, got a shit testimonial from the unit, pathetic really, but im wanting to join the MPGS, abit worried though incase this fucks up any chances!

any advice would be great.
If you were discharged under QRs Ch 9.414 (SNLR) you will more than likely be barred from re-enlisting. Shit really because they should have looked after you and recognised PTSD. Normally anyone with an assessment of satisfactory or below on their AFB 108 (Cert of discharge) would not be reconsidered. At the end of the day if the ARO thinks you are a "good egg" they may submit an AF B203 (app for special enlistment). Apart from that sorry mate but good luck!

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