SNLR Advice Please.

Discussion in 'Military Discipline' started by skialot, Jun 1, 2011.

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  1. For being a tit twice within a five year period (AGAI 67 misuse of alcohol policy) my CO has recommended I be discharged from the army. Now taking the worst case scenario to hand I went and found myself a nice hard working job and said I could be available on the first of July for work (giving the one month absolute minimum notice for termination of service). I have since enquired about terminating my service to take this job and was told "no you are in the disciplinary loop now". Now having completed 10 1/2 years service I thought they would of accepted this as it would save the army in the region of £80,000 (just pay no pension) as I was intending on leaving at 12 anyways. So any advice on if the army can stop me terminating my service (jump ship before i'm pushed if you prefer) would be much appreciated.
  2. Sie brach die Goldern-Regel und bekam gefangen, so nehmen Sie Ihre Pille und was ist für Sie kommen
  3. any one tell me ewt about RFAS i got RFAS and i amtrying to signe on again but my discharge papers have vanished from Scotland? should i be happy is this good ? any recomendations? civ div is no good for me, bad morals out here with most folk, ta
  4. Put on a sad face and grab his leg and make him drag you around like a dead weight he'll feel sorry for you in no time