Snitches we love to hate.

Throughout your life, you must have met at least one 'snitch'. Usually someone who always spotted an opportunity to curry favour with the boss, through drawing the attention away from their own failings by highlighting that of others.

Even in the cyber world its difficult to avoid these little men.

Isn't it QMAn9193?

But you were untrustworthy in your last Reg unit as well.....weren't you.
Nobody likes a snitch, someone who runs to teacher and tells tales.

None come to mind although I'm sure there are a Q of them at the back of my noggin


Corporal said:
Always has to be one QUNT trying to ruin it for all.
The Brit lady interpreter who outed secret messages (UN suites were bugged I think) of countries that did not support the US' call to attack Iraq come to mind. Forgot her name - after eight months of speculation she showed up in court and Blair & co. decided it best to let sleeping dogs lay. Several soldiers that have spilled the tortuous beans at Abu Ghraib also come to mind.
Yep, piss off GQ, be a tube on all the other threads, this one is all about snitching little girls that tell tales and run home to mummy when the big boys pick on him.
Baddass, youre not snitching on QMan are you???

GQ, :roll:


The Lord Flasheart said:
Errr, classic GQ. Think youve missed the point on this one. :lol:
I must admit it is hard to keep up with all the arrsefracide on the pimples yur arrse.
Generalquarters said:
I must admit it is hard to keep up with all the arrsefracide on the pimples yur arrse.
:?: :?: :?: :?: :?:
Well, looks like they did it again.

Get a sense of humour know you need one!
We have a snitch in our place....

...just all shout 'snitchy' when ever we see him approching.....

Hehehehehe.....He loves it........ :lol: :lol: :lol:
Is this the Mod GQ or some other GQ.

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