Sniping...Our New Growth Industry

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by alib, Oct 9, 2010.

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  1. From Feild&Stream's The Gun Nut blog Petzal: Sniping...Our New Growth Industry
    Well that's rather cheap when you consider a USMC sniper costs a million bucks to train.
  2. It sounds very gucci, but the best gadgets in the world cannot guarantee a hit at all ranges. The rifle and optics will almost always do what the manual says they will. It is the introduction of the human that causes the errors. Even a slight shivering in the cold, misalignment , tension. Can cause a miss at extreme ranges. Sniping is a bit of a dark art, I have been on the point and checked everything but felt that although my tables say one thing my experience means I will back off a click or two or the wind is not half or full etc. Other firers can have a different perspective and slightly different settings but you both end up hitting what you fire at. Most of this kit is good stuff but needs to come with a " well **** me" setting.
  3. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    It will calculate absolutely everything, except the velocity of the bullet due to manufacturing/powder variations, and the bit about the wind 200 yards away from you and your windometer thingy. That's why even on ranges, you check the range flags all the way down the range, or in the field, you check the grass, dust, leaves on trees and bushes (all the way to the target) and mirage effects.

    Lovely idea and all that, but not strictly speaking correct. When atmospheric laser interferometry reaches maturity and can be built into your weapon-mounted weather station, or perhaps when we have radio-controlled flight surfaces on bullets that keep them on target all the way we can guarantee a one shot kill out to 1200, but until then, it's just a nice story.
  4. A million dollars for a Sniper.... really?
  5. will look smart on facebook though!
  6. Anyone going to climb over their .338 Lapua Mag for a .300 Win Mag?

  7. Yeah, pain in the arse. That's why I use GPMG(SF). A 40rnd burst should hit the ******. 50 cal HMG is very accurate.
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  8. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    what exactly is a Horace reticule and how would one work can you tell me please?
  9. dont no much, just passed selection today. But does a man that takes a million bucks to train really need that gun to hit his target every time
  10. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    well, he'd be a bit hard pressed to take a target down with a peashooter. ;)
  11. That's a (phonetic) typo. Its a 'Horus' reticule. It basically is a reticle with multiple milliradian markings in the First Focal Plane so that the sniper can quickly make windage, holdovers, holdunders and lead corrections without the need to make adjustments to the elevation or windage dials.

    Personally I think that they look a bit cluttered and I prefer the P4F reticle on my Schmidt and Bender.

  12. The Horus is too busy, like gun nut I think the P4 fine on the S&B does the job fine and dandy. Must say, I prefer my .338LM to the .300 Win Mag, even though it costs a bomb to feed.
  13. Thanks to all for the expert opinions.

    Those of us who are unfamiliar with the Horus reticule and system might like to watch the promotional video:

    It would seem to be easier to adopt if you're new to the craft. That should help bulk up numbers of designated marksmen.

  14. does'nt the sharpshooter cost about 3 grand brand new?
    so why the rush to convert m14s or is it pentagons budget games?
  15. Because the u.s navy has a shit load of them. ( I think )