I'm very conscious of PERSEC, but probably 9 years ago when ARRSE first started and Iraq had just started, there was a member and moderator on here called Sniper Bird. We chatted a lot back then on posts and I remember her going off to Iraq on Telic and then coming back with a whole new world ahead of her, and out of curiosity I'm interested in how life post-Telic turned out. She'll remember who I am and I know more details than I'll put in this post but I'm keen to end my curiosity.
Stalker stalked?
I remember her. Gobby STAB bint who honestly thought she was going out there to be the overweight, shitter version of Vasily Zaitsev with tits, solely due to her RMQ qual. In her TAC she was employed as the barman.
She won't shag you, Gav.

Sorry, mate. Plenty more fish in the pond though, eh?
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