Discussion in 'Infantry' started by pvtscottclews, May 20, 2007.

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  1. Hi, I was just wondering if there were any snipers here that would tell me a little bit more about the job and what it is like to serve as a sniper? This is a serious post as I am thinking about taking this specialist training when I enter the army so any information i would be extremely thankful for. Thanks in Advance
  2. What infantry unit are you thinking of joining? This will have repercussions on your sniper ambitions as some units don't place much emphasis on it.
  3. I am going for my selection very soon to get into the paras
  4. You posted earlier that you'd failed PARA selection by a minute on your 1.5 run so you were going for guards. make your mind up Pte Clews.
  5. Sniper

    He didn't mention the running bit on that thread, he had already trashed another.

    He was probably too thick to look in the arrsehole. That's the first place I check on my posts.
  6. Para Regt have their own sniper platoons so at least you're heading in the right direction. Being Para Regt myself i think you should focus on passing the arduous training before aspiring to become a sniper in Battalion. You'll have to serve a couple of years in a rifle company beforehand to get some experience of basic soldiering under your belt. If you're a good soldier you'll be given a crack to attend and pass the sniper course. Don't believe it's like you see on the films because it isn't!
  7. No I said that I was timing myself I havent been for selection yet because i cant make my mind up whether it is worth getting ready for paras or just entering the guards now and using the guards parachute platoon that are attached to 3 para as a way of getting in to the paras when i can run the time needed
  8. Thank you very much for this information it has been very good. What is life like in the Paras if you dont mind me asking? thanks
  9. what has happened to my posts?
  10. And mine?
  11. whos asking who what here? doesnt make sense.
  12. Load of posts got deleted :D
  13. It strikes me that lots of youngsters who fancy a career in the army as infantrymen get thouroughly slated for asking perfectly reasonable questions about what a sniper specialisation involves. If he'd said " I'm joining infantry and was wondering what the job of Milan operator involves" would he get this flak?

    Sniper is just a job and a hard one at that. I can't help think that the people who come out with all the condemnation are those who know nothing of the job and would never make the grade.
  14. Exactly. That's a very good point.
  15. Can be a good job when you get the freedom of action and control from an appropriate level as you are supposed to. This can vary from Bn to Bn as like previously mentioned. Some place more emphasis and time on it than others. Its not like the movies running around in fields on your own and causing 'havoc', theres alot more to it than that. That is a common misconception, however seeing some other units thats how they still like to train.
    As long as you don't want to do it cos you think theres some glory in it cos there isn't. You seldom get credit for doing a hard job.
    But it is a good job and again as already mentioned, once you've done a few years and your basic infantry skills are shit hot, go for it