Discussion in 'Infantry' started by hoohaha, Aug 21, 2005.

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  1. Hi guys,

    came across this site just now trawling through t'internet;

    Opinions please, im not advertising these people, im just curious as to wether serving soldiers would actually use something like this, rather than building their own?
    Cost is probably a bit prohibitive, but would this be outweighed by the fact you wouldnt have to sit and cut up sandbags for days on end?
  2. cutting up sandbags is half the fun!! nothing like it, then there are the hours of stiching, can look at the link army pcs wont let me!! but if it is off a yank website it is bound to be dodgy
  3. FFS, please stop encouraging this c*nt eh?
  4. He's a cav chav who's recently passed a snipers course.......allegedly. Every post he makes has a sniper's frankly dull.
  5. He'd faint if he saw what the Krauts use....
  6. Walt alarm ringing?
  7. Ffs, thats not a ghillie suit, thats a King Kong fancy dress outfit! :roll:
  8. Look guys i have to say sniper nine is a sniper , he is in Iraq as we speak . What he posts and who he winds up is his business , but he is what he says he is . And the sniper 9 bit is a c/s that all snipers get when there on course . So cut him some slack as you are all getting a little boring . Unless of course you are all a little jealous because your blanket stackers or drivers . Cheers
  9. Anyone know if the Americans have got the Kameleon Ghillie Suit they have been talking about for a while yet? apparently it appears to change colour to the vegetation and surroundings it passes?! I know thye designed a system that is basically a video shot of the terrain behind a tank or AFV projected onto the vehicle from a projector mounted in front! very high-tec but is any of this a reality yet with the U.S. Forces?
  10. I cant get the image of Cousin It from the adams family clutching a rifle out of my head now

  11. Surely if with that system though you would just have to look for projectors mounted on long poles and then fire back down the length of the there would be an armoured vehicle at the end of it! :lol:
  12. No thinks it still in the war fighting lab .Arn't they working on sniper detecting radar gadgets .I seem to recall the french deployed
    a system in fry but had to turn it off as what it found out about who was shooting who was politicaly embrassing.
  13. Check this out:

  14. This systems has almost been proven to work if the vehicle is standing still and its daylight with no electrical activity going on and the enemy doesn't have any sort of viewing aid. But it is useless when vehicles are moving, suffers badly from reflections and also most oft he screens used dont have a zero edge that would be required.