Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Ironside, May 28, 2010.

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  1. And?
  2. Ah! That is exactly the question!
  3. Gve your head a wobble you doucher.
  4. What does a humor piece on a satire website have to do with anything? Naafi is that way -->
  5. Oh dear. This really is the "Other Ranks Rumour Service" after all, isn't it?
  6. You dull kunt.
  7. Then post in the officer forum you mong child.
  8. There's a thread somewhere for internet links. Though preferably not ones that terminally dull.
  9. LancePrivateJones

    LancePrivateJones LE Book Reviewer


    It is the Army Rumour Service.

    The Army is made up of Officers, Warrant Officers, SNCO's, JNCO's and 'Other Ranks'.

    What's your problem sweetpea?
  10. I'm so sorry. I just thought from the standard of debate (and spelling - CC_TA needs a dictionary!) that this was confined to junior ranks. Not that there aren't some very bright junior ranks, don't get me wrong!
    I guess we civilians will have to encourage the new Westminster Government to do something about general education standards with special attention being paid to the armed services.

    Anyway, disregard the original post of this thread, I have obviously misunderstood the nature of this forum.
  11. You actually think the Daily Mash is a real newspaper don't you?
  12. Isn't it?
  13. As I've been a civilian for nearly 3 years, I could respond to a statement like like that with reservation, and an eloquence you clearly think service people lack.
    The thing is though, old habits die hard, and 20+ years of indoctrination kick in and I can only respond by saying, you are a ******* lizard, basking on the rocks of your own bloated self importance and perceived superiority. Now, to make yourself feel much better, give the Times crossword a go, and stop boring perfectly reasonable people with your inane blatherings.
  14. Nemesis01, I'm impressed that you can type so succinctly with your left hand!