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I'm an Australian sniper that would like to make contact with some british snipers to swap ideas, knowledge and badges . please feel free to email me or post a reply . also we had on exchange in 1999 a cpl who was a sniper if anyone knows him please say hello from harry. thankyou

Edited to delete name.
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what is your speciality weapon?


agent smith

The guy you inquired about is no longer of this earth unfortunately. Will PM you re Sniping.

All the best
I did Long Look in 1992 with 3 RAR just to point out I was the reigning champion at the dance of the flaming A'hols around the 'Shat' as it was then called. There was also a sniper in their Recon (Fcuking horrible Americanism) Platoon, called I think Tommo who was the brunt of everones P'takes because he couldn't hit a target at 100 metres. I think he was a Tasmanian as well so that wasn't the only thing they took the P##s out of about. I also had an Aussie instructor on my snipers course in 87 called Dicky #### (OPSEC cannot repeat his name) I think he was a WO1 at Singo when I was at Holsworthy.

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