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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by combat_wombat, Feb 9, 2004.

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  1. Are there snipers in the TA infantry? If there are, which specific units have them, how do u become one and what does it take to become one? Just wondering
  2. Being a good shot helps
  3. being good at hide and seek
  4. Your unit probably has the rifles and Line serial numbers for a section of Snipers.

    Start by asking Recce Platoon.

    Being able to sit for hours on end for your shot doesn't do it for me.

    /edit forgot they'd limited us STABS down to the Sharpshooters course :oops:
  5. 1. you need to eyes...your fabled Japs eye doesn't count here :!:
    2.You need to be a tight arsse...dropping your kegs at the wrong mo can mean you miss that all important target :evil: must have no conversational ability at all.........remember sound carries in the jungle. 8O
    4. A nice hessian style bigfoot suit.....they are considered de rigeur 8)
    5. the ability to STALK (apparently this is important tho it is rumoured Flashes sister reckons his STALK isn't very big :wink: )
  6. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Oh sh1t ! I suppose this means BB/LL is SF sniper qualified......
  7. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    combat_wombat, in answer to your question , no.

    The regs who are put forward to become snipers will take a pre-course course in battalion, lasting up to seven weeks, they will then go for the sniper course itself, this lasts seven to eight weeks. After all this trg they still manage to fail it in droves, so the shed will never allow a STAB to waste money at Brecon or with the parent battalion. It's obviously impossible to condense everything into into two weeks. (Unless you're BB, she was a stalking instructor at H******* sshhhh ! so she only needed five fantasy minutes to pass)

    There may be ex-regs in the TA who have passed a sniper cadre in which case they can wear the badge if they're into that sort of thing, but STABs will only get the sharpshooter course. This is a regular Inf course of two weeks duration - often mixed reg/ta. (therefore vaseline is on the packing list)
  8. Story from the early/mid 1990s. Two of our recce platoon went off on their 2-week TA Sharpshooter's course; one did rather well, and got the opportunity to stay on to attend the regular Sniper concentration.

    He was a student, so he had the spare time (bugger got a first-class honours in Physics from a good Uni - showoff :) ); he came back having missed a pass in one of the parts of the Badge test (think it was range estimation) but had passed the remainder.

    Before anyone thinks this is bullshit on Davey's part, I saw his course report :)
  9. YOU can only get the sharp shooters qualification in the ta if you want to be a sniper join the regulars or B
    buy all the gear and bull shit at your next paintball game
  10. Wrong.
  11. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    B_B, shurely you're not shuggeshting that the shed would ever allow money to be washted ???

    Or indeed would it be wasted if it were 'only' a STAB as opposed to a reg ?

    I'd like to think that those who have the ability to make the grade actually get the chance, regardless of their status. It's an excellent course and most that pass also have the gump to be able to pass skills on, so it would be beneficial to the student's unit.

    Do you know of many that have been able to take the cse at battalion level or even Brecon ?
  12. Cutaway

    I know a TA guy who passed the Reg course. At the time we had a Sniper section being put together under a Master Sniper, the bid was put in and he got on the course.

    This was a few years ago but I would expect if you could get a bid in and backed up, there is no reason why it would not get accepted. One Army and all that. I will speak to him and update you.

    I would also expect that thete would be entry tests so the knackers would get RTU'd pretty early, saving £ and effort.

    In my view Snipers are massively underused by the British Army. Even for Peace Support Ops, seeing some bloke wandering around with a 'scoped Long will give the Bad Guys something to think about. Then consider *any* orders you have seen given; the commander will point and say "You do this..." etc. Slot him and you are really interrupting the enemys' decision making process.
  13. Bravo, sounds like you ROE advisor is the same man that advised Governor Blair about helping out in the recent firepower demonstration in my country!

    It is thirty years since I left Mons and am certainly behind with regard to your British doctrine. In my day the idea was that snipers were not supposed to be seen??

    [​IMG] These days it seems they just want to party??
  14. I spent several years based in STC (Sennelager Training Centre) and was always amused to see generally sensible soldiers putting themselves through the torture of the snipers course. We'd see them running up and down the range roads in full ghilly suit's in mid summer sweating their cod's off whilst whacked off their face on Pro-Plus in a desperate attempt to stay awake. You are more than welcome to go off and become a sniper. Mind you the TA course is proberbly only a weekend long, so you could leave the Pro-Plus at home.
  15. But when would a TA sniper use/get time to practice their skill?? :?