snipers CAS training

i want to take cointinuation training for a section of snipers a step further and make it realistic, is there a unit that will be able to(or has the time)to provide us with a training package to include the above.
Haven't got a clue how your Army does things but in the US Army snipers are part of a battalion scout platoon and receive basic instruction on directing CAS in house from the brigade's fire support officer or his subordinates. In reality, the bulk of directing air power is performed by the USAF combat air control teams but being able to bring fast movers in on a target is damned good knowledge to have in case things go South.
Mr J,

Many RAF units may be able to provide the above trg. However, it'll depend upon their own busy pre-deployment and other trg schedule. Sadly, the premature demise of the Jaguar has further reduced numbers of available CAS assets and trg has to increasingly be given to only the most essential of tasks such as SF or JFACTSU. Your best course of action is to pursue your requirement via your BALO/DALO staff. They may be able to arrange ad hoc trg with usnits such as 100 Sqn (Hawks) at RAF Leeming.

Good luck!
You can be trained in ECAS procedures - and CCA too while I think about.

Drop me a PM if you're interested and I can point you towards some useful contacts.
As above, please drop me a PM. Some trg is possible. I would suggest you focus on Arty Target, CCA and ECAS. All of this is very possible and can be practised on DCCT fairly easily.

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