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Discussion in 'Gunners' started by Mister_Jones, Dec 28, 2006.

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  1. i was wondering if anyone can help me with my sniper cointinutation training, i was hoping to get a section of snipers away with a artillery battery to train them in calling in and adjusting arty fire, is it possible and if so can you help.
    we are based in paderborn germany and would really be intrested in any pointers anyone has in order to get this quaility training in.
  2. I don't think the gunners would be too pleased to have someone who did a two week extension course to their sniper skills directing battery fire. The RA have specialist OP personnel who train continually to do it. As a former battery fitter I am well aware of how much skill is needed to do OP work.
  3. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    Best bet would be to try and get booked into an equivalent of the old invertron :eek:
  4. Yes we did that as a normal infantry thing. It would be even more relevant to a sniper.

    Drop 200 fire for effect!
  5. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    Surely an MFC course would be the most appropriate first step?
  6. I suspect the Gunners would be very happy. There are often situations where the FOO cannot get eyes onto a target, or an inf or cav unit is without a FOO but within range of Arty support. The better trained the fighting teeth arms are, the better support (faster and more accurate) the Gunners can give them.

    On operations there cannot be enough people with current skills in directing Arty assets, and believe me when I say that the Guns want to be used!

    When at 4RA we used to encourage the lads in the Irish Guards to brush up their skills and worked with their MFCs to very good effect.
  7. Seconded, Guns are an Army asset not a Gunner one.

    Isn't it a requirement of Inf sigs training to do Arty Target Indication at the very least ?
  8. Have you seen the 4/73 Bty brief?

    Their recruiting team give a good brief; one of the sellers for units is the modulisation of their training cse. They might be prepared to load some of your Pl onto the Level 2 OP Ack part of their cse. I suppose it depends on their numbers. They have a dedicated trg team.

    Other than that, contact your Battle Goup Arty Bty and ask the Bty Comd for his assistance.
  9. thanks we have already done work with the Bn MFC and worked extensively in the CATT whitch was a very good training tool the SO2 arty was there to run various missions for us and made a very good lesson, that combined with working with the motar platoon for a day was very useful, thats all included in the basic cadre, what i want is to take it a step further, as im sure a tour in afgan is on the cards and it would prove very useful, so if anyone is live firing soon please let me know. cheers.
  10. Your first port of call should be the BC from 26 Regt who should be attached to you for all your trg. He should be able to get you into their invertron and may even offer his Ack (better) or one of his FOOs to do the instruction.

    As for live firing, its an expensive business and I doubt that any gunner would be willing to give up his rounds to train infanteers - hey, but if you don't ask, you don't get. There should be Ex SHELDRAKE SWORD or SPEAR running in the spring (I can never remeber which is spring or winter). Again, you should ask the BC from 26.

    Good luck, DS
  11. Sorry, do you mean by this that infantry regimental signallers or equivalent, i.e. for platoon to batallion level, in the BA do basic fire control and target indication for Artillery fire or am I miss understanding your post?
  12. Effectivly yes, however it falls down for snipers I suppose as its only a means for inf types to guide us arty types onto targets
  13. IMHO, every JNCO and up should know how to ask for artillery and mortars - living as we do in the era of a 3-block war, there may not always be a FOO or MFC around when you need one. I am sure that the basics are taught at Brecon - but you would need to check with an infanteer.

    I have not been BOWMAN-ised yet but would be interested to see how the various sightings from sniper, recce, Challly, etc are fused together into a common intelligence picture. The natural conclusion is that this digitisation would permit even Cpl Snodgrass in his CVRT to call down all available on what ever high payoff tgt he has his sights on?
  14. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    "When I" was in the Falklands, 1985, we trained every soldier in our company to fire control mortars. On the live coy attack phase of field firing at onion Mtn the DS thought it would be funny to take out the MFC and the NGS team. We thought it was a laugh and one of our pte sldrs called in the fire for the attack. DS were over the moon son so to speak and the coy came top!
    It should be done at every opportunity with every soldier in the unit. same as advanced signalling, the scaley wont be there the day you need him!
  15. I am in an OP Tp and have spoken with Pte sldr infanteers who have the basic knowledge to call in missions and would be thoroughly capable, though admittedly their adjustments would probably be sketchy at best.

    They claim to ave been taught at ITC.