Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by pvtscottclews, May 20, 2007.

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  1. Hi, I was just wondering if there were any snipers here that would tell me a little bit more about the job and what it is like to serve as a sniper.
  2. I knew a blind sniper, his dog would run up to the target and bark. The sniper aimed for the bark and then 2m left and 1.5m up. Head shot every time.
  3. thanks :? but i was looking for the opinion of a serving or ex service sniper
  4. I remember him, J****. His dog Spot was a real star!

    J**** gave sniping up after the accident though.

    The insurgents had worked out a strategy where they held a sausage between their teeth, and when Spot jumped up to get it he was shot by his sniper partner. Terribly sad news for everyone in the world of sniping.

    J**** ended up transferring to the AGC, and is now a pay clerk.
  5. I heard that the original sausage strategy was only partly successful. I understand the insurgents used raw sausages, and later spent several days on the toilet before dying of food poisoning.

  6. Even if they didn't die, spending several days in an arab toilet would be punishment enough for anyone.
  7. could someone send this mong post to the arrse hole?? :twisted:
  8. I always find it amusing that red arrses are forever wanting to be snipers before they join the Bn. Snipers must be the most uncomfortable job in the Bn, wet, cold permanently on your belly, body odour that will stop a bull, a real attraction. It must be the dick replacement syndrome, small dick big gun.
  9. yeah.

    does sound good tho.
  10. But then, if you seem to spend more time cleaning weapons than firing them, the prospect of a weapon with only three peices is kinda tempting.
  11. Never come across one with only 3 pieces unless you mean a sword?
  12. Was it this pooch?

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  13. I'd heard that the to clean the sniper rifle you just had to seperate it into three bits. Presumably bolt, body, mag? It's got no gas bits to feck around with has it?
  14. to clean it properly you have to submerge the rifle in coca cola. that makes all the carbon fibre come off.
  15. Correct. For a deep clean you would want to strip the bolt too.

    Periodically the whole thing can be taken out of the stock and the trigger mechanism etc cleaned but it will want re-zeroing afterwards.

    Of course you have your spare mags not to mention scope, bipod, sling, emergency iron sights, spotting scope etc. to keep on top of. You'll probably have an SA80 as well anyway.
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