Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by tomhead69, Jan 28, 2007.

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  1. hi iam thinking of joining the army next year do anyone know were to get sniper information from :cyclopsani:
  2. Have to join infantry first.
  3. You have to join a normal battalion first, then apply for the sniper course

    (you might as well get the answer you need before the abuse starts).
  4. So Have to join infantry first then how long till you can train to become a sniper
  5. 2 optional replies:


    2) Jesus frikking christ not another one! Why can't these feckin pig ignorant wannabes just aspire to being solid, professional infantry soliders? Why does every moron want to be sniper? Just join the fikking army, work you arse off, shut your mouth, do what you're told and one day if you're truly above average in fitness, fieldcraft and shooting you may, just may, get your chance. Now kindly fuk off.
  6. wots your problem i only want a answer not some crazy person going well crazy
  7. Some infantry units don't put much emphasis on sniping so it's best to find out first which units have dedicated sniper platoons (such as Para Regt). Once in your unit you'll usually have to do a couple of years in a rifle company to get some basic soldiering experience and show that you're a good soldier. Sniping is alot more then just being a good shot!
  8. Why does everyone want to be a sniper, or SF?


    Although saying that, its always the ones who mouth about it that don't even pass the initial selection. The quiet ones you need to watch :D
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  10. Ok, theoretically when you get to your unit you will be at the bottom of the pile to be a sniper.
    Assume that everyone else wants to be one and work hard on your soldiering skills from the day you join.

    after a few years you may be skilled enough to approach somebody in the know for further advice.

    It is not something you go to your pltn cmdr on you first day in all your gucciflage and say you want to be a sniper.

    He'll probably tell you to inform your corporal to instruct you to weed all the roads and paths on camp to collect natural cam.
  11. Young chap-if you want to become a sniper you will do it.
    Go to your Army Careers office and ask for their advice.
    You will have to go through basic training first.
    It's your dream so do what you can and one day you will be one of those fine soldiers-best wishes now go for it.
  12. I don't have a careers office where I live but I am sure they will laugh after hearing "What do I do to become a sniper".
  13. cheers o and do you have to have great handwriting as i am only 15 ands it is shi!
  14. No.
  15. so when i sign to join they wont think iam stupid cause i am not all a's in school