Sniper video?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by YANK60, Sep 15, 2005.

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  1. Not sure exactly what this is. It's purported to be .50 cal sniper action in Afghanistan. It can't be human though. Goats? Who knows?

    Target practice
  2. oooh god, wheres 'Sniper9'...hes's gonna get all creamy again
  3. I've seen it. All it turns out to be is a bunch of Red Necks hunting!!!!!
  4. Rednecks hunting? Where?
  5. Weird i was just thinking the same!
  6. I can't personally see any decent sniper taking their camcorder on ops. :wink: but there again.... :wink:
  7. 'Sniper9' will tell us what we need to know thankyou CC!
  8. Hell, I don't know. I posted it to see if any of you had any ideas. I know they're not human targets. A .50 will do a job on you, but it's not going to blast you 50 feet into the air. Rednecks hunting in the U.S.? Possible. The terrain looks like it could maybe be out west, Utah maybe.
  9. They look to me like Hyrax (rock rabbits) little rodent like beggars related to elephants. Which means that the location is east Africa, probably Kenya.
  10. Nope .. that be Bodmin that is. Jethro shooting and his mate Denzil spotting.
  11. I've seen this somewhere else. They're prairie dogs (if the original was correct), somewhere out west US.
  12. Sorry, but they cant be prairie dogs unless they've been stuffed and pre-postioned. As the name suggests, prairie dogs live on the prairie, not up a kopje.
  13. kopje?

    I guess the original wasn't correct then.
  14. A 20 pound solution to a 2 pound problem. How very American :wink:
  15. Sorry, just lapsing into Boer :wink: A kopje is a small rocky hill rising out of the veldt.

    :oops: There I go again, veldt is open grassland like prairie or steppe.