Sniper training with robots on Segways.

Just seen this, I think it looks very interesting indeed. Sorry if it's been posted before.

The armed forces of the world have already begun to hunt down and shoot robots. No, it’s not the beginning of the man-machine war, it’s a state-of-the-art training simulation that’s very cool to watch. Australia based Marathon Robotics have taken Segways and turned them into human-shaped autonomous robots capable of moving around streets and buildings just like people in a crowd! The Marathon bots can act like insurgents, hostages, or civilians, letting armed soldiers practice before being exposed to the real thing. The Australian Department of Defense already has a training camp using the robots, and the US Marine Corps will be establishing one this year. You’ve got to see these robots in action in the video below – this puts all other shooting ranges to shame!
Read the rest of the article and see the video here: Army Creates Fleet of Robots On Segways! | Singularity Hub
That's phenomenal!


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Fun but I suspect not cheap.
Sheeeite! £3.5K! You can get a half-decent second-hand motor for that - or three brand new Tommy motor scooters!

Still a good live-fire training tool though.
DE&S are working on a British version which has a Sinclair C5 driven by a Speak & Spell.
Shot your muck up KP fast enough though didn't you?
Great idea, until they actually go on ops and some poor bugger on a skate-board or roller blades happens to go past them!


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I rather like the way they'll be able to segue from one scenario to the next ...

It might be interesting to put some in uniform, have the 'terrorists' shoot them as part of an exercise, and then see how people respond to the robotic shout of 'Medic!!'
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