Sniper Training in the British Army?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Lost_Boy, Mar 2, 2012.

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  1. Who holds responsibility for sniper training in the army? I've heard there are separate courses run for Reg/Guards and then for other infantry units but do their respective capbadges run them, the SASC, or another unit altogether?
  2. It goes on your call of duty rank I think.
  3. JSTE @ ITW Sennybridge for the British Army?
  4. There is/was a sniper course run by Household Division Parachute Regiment Centralised Courses ( HDPRCC) iirc the chief instructor was a RM but the rest were Guards and Para Regt. Not sure what the arrangement is with other regiments though.

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  5. Normally run by battalion, at warminster for infantry best cousre is run by RM
  6. Most Battalions have their own in-house cadres with their own DS.

    If you're fortunate, you won't go to to Magilligan ranges.
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  7. The live firing and weapon skills are taught centrally by Support Weapon School. The field craft and "cadre" are run at the unit.
  8. For a sniper the Part 1 (the firing bit) course is run by Sniper Wing at IBS Brecon. Part 2 (stalking etc) is run by Units.

    The Sniper Section Commander and Sniper Platoon Commander are run by Sniper Wing at IBS. These deal with the tactical handling of snipers. They also qualify people to run the Part 2 training back in their Bn.

    Nothing happens at Warminster and Sni Wing is a branch of Senior Division at IBS Brecon; it stayed there when the rest of Support Weapons moved to Warminster.
  9. It stayed there... but I thought DF Div is still part of Suppport Weapons School.
  10. All of Direct Fire went to Warminster bar Sniper Wing. They remained in Dering Lines, Brecon. Sniper Wing comes under Senior Division.

    It's on the top floor, next to PSBC, above Junior Division.
  11. Fairy nuff
  12. Wasn't there a sniper cadre run down at Hythe or Romney way down Kent back in the 80's or am i talking bollocks. Sure i can remember blokes going off for a few weeks.
  13. There may well gave been.

    But unless a Unit has a "courses time machine" it's Warminster bound for the Sni Part 1.
  14. Isn't the course all done for guards and paras at HDPRCC?
  15. HDPRCC run the basic sniper course complete on behalf of the Household division. As previous posters have stated, Sniper Wing (now part of Senior Division) at Infantry Battle School run the Sniper part 1 course for all other Army capbadges qualifying the would be sniper on the weapon system and training them to use it.

    Sniper Section Commanders Course delivers Sniper Instructors to the units and covers all Army cap badges including HD & Para. (min rank Cpl SCBC or equivalent passed)

    Sniper Platoon Commanders Course delivers Platoon Commanders and 2i/cs to the units. (Sgt to Capt)

    Sniper Part 1 is run in Pirbright next door to HDPRCC and Brecon.
    Sniper SC & PC is run at Brecon.