sniper tracking device

It's re-invention of existing technology and in fact using 'boom' 'crack' technology has numerous flaws (in particular the sensors generally only report the origin of the shot when they are within a few degrees of the path of the bullet). Just look at the large number of sensors required to cover a relatively small area.

Other systems exist which are more capable, and can already have data pushed from a server to any number of handheld computers.
Wouldnt it be the case that the sensitivity of the smartphone microphones would only be able to detect and (attempt to) track the incoming round if the smartphone holder themselves were the snipers target?
They are not attempting to use existing hardware within the smart phones, but simply using the smartphone as an interface between bluetooth enabled sensors and the user. It's a shit idea, and a re-hash of boomerang-esque technology.


Window to window my apartment has a clear view from Knightsbridge at the optimum .50 of 1.8km. Who needs an android? :pounce:
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