Sniper tape - the green stuff

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Chosen_man76, Jan 11, 2006.

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  1. Sure people must know what I'm on about - the green cloth tape, like duck tape. Can always be found wrapped around any item of kit belonging to somebody in a reccee platoon. Anyway, where can you get it? Or if not, does anybody have some they could part with?
  2. Here you go fella: Get your Real McCoy 'Invisible in the Wild' Duct Tape Here
  3. Alternatively, try SASS Kit, I'm using their stuff and it seems to be the dogs bollocks.
  4. The green cloth tape from SASkit is the same as the issue stuff.
  5. Except you have to to buy it.........

    However, no duff

    I will post one free roll to the first arrse'r who can tell me what the smallest screw on an L118 light gun is.......

    (Before incoming I dont work in the stores :wink: )
  6. anyone know the NSN for this???? then i can get the civvy twattin storeman to order some! misserable(?) cnut that he is!

    the stuff were on about about is NBC repair tape iirc
  7. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    the infant(ry) screw :p

    ...pretty please? 8)
  8. Bloody heck, that place looks like more of a rip off that Silvermans. Anybody got any they want to sell for a reasonable price?
  9. Just see your CQMS offer him a 6 pack for some
    Its worth it!!!
  10. being a light fingerd git o nicked three roles in iraq, you can only get issued on ops so my storman sez. but i suggest you try the latex new stuff which is reusable but i bit more expensive, you get get it from or if its greem tape you are after have a look on e bay they some times have it on there dirt cheap.
  11. lol the green shite on that website sniper is going for £15 a roll - haha
  12. iirc the tape you're after is meant for temporary fabric repairs, if you google it you should be able to find something similar for about £5 a roll, but your QmT dept should have plenty in stock.

  13. woohoo level 1 guns course finally comes in handy-screw retaining intermediate firing needle withdrawl lever? perchance
  14. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I remember as our COP deployed to Cross for filtering in on green patrols we were advised to un cam our slrs and M16 thingies as we would stand out. How wrong can you get? Day one with the Hampshires was like something out of apocolypse now! We actually stood out as green troops.
    Oddly enough as I got out of the landy for an APWT at Gortin the Provost cpl tried to rift me for the cammed up gat. How we laughed. Cop ops wind yer neck in!
  15. You obviuosly didnt get best student......

    Still waiting for a right answer for a roll of said tape