'Sniper style rifle' stolen

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Semper_Flexibilis, Jul 17, 2010.

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  1. FFS, Oh the public safety drama… it's a frigging air rifle, not an AW50!


    Gun stolen from Southampton university rifle range
    A gun has been stolen during a burglary at a university rifle range.

    Staff at the University of Southampton Boat Hard in Swathling discovered the burglary had taken place when they arrived at work on Thursday morning.

    But police believe the break-in, which also saw computers and 1,000 in cash taken, had happened last Wednesday.

    Police said an air arms .22 Black and Woodstock air rifle in a black case and 50 pellets were taken from the boat hard and rifle range in Mead Crescent.

    Prison warning
    Det Sgt Will Whale of Hampshire Constabulary said: "This sniper-style rifle could prove extremely dangerous in the wrong hands.

    "I want this gun back - it should not be on the streets. I'm appealing for anyone who has it or knows of its whereabouts to contact me urgently.

    "I have this message for who ever has it - if you are found to have it illegally you could go to prison so I advise you give it back now."

    Two Dell laptop computers worth about £850, a projector worth about £650 and £1,000 in cash was also taken.……

    BBC News - Gun stolen from Southampton university rifle range
  2. It's a symptom of how stupid this country has become.
    It might be dangerous to the odd pigeon but otherwise its not exactly a threat to national security.

    Sniper style rifle, my ****ing arse
  3. You think that is bad? Consider this:

    "Police gave permission for a movie involving a gun battle to be filmed on a London estate — but later declared it a crime scene.

    Met officers went to the area this week after a member of the public reported finding bullets. It was another day before police realised the bullet casings were blanks and linked to the movie.

    The film crew had fired 1,700 blank rounds for gang drama The Veteran, starring Toby Kebbell as a squaddie who turns to crime. Two officers were present during filming on the Heygate Estate in Elephant and Castle.

    The next day, however, after the call from a member of the public fearing guns in the area, forensic science experts were sent in and found the bullet casings. It is possible the entertainment company, Foxtrot, could now face charges of wasting police time for allegedly failing to sweep up the casings."

    Crime film gunfight scene proves a touch too realistic | News
  4. I best keep my budgies indoors from now on.
  5. Re the OP, well done the journalist. He/she has taken a very dull little crime report and wound it up into a decent story with a bit of a frisson to it that has made the airwaves.

    Top job.

    It's what they do.
  6. Oh dear, Foxtrot Productions... Pack a broom next time.
  7. tbf a chav with an air rilfe can cause an awful lot mayhem witness the "sniper" who stopped buses coming onto my estate after dark for a couple of months.
    alledgedly this hero got court and suffered some community justice:).
    mind you sussex police followed a minesweeper by helicopter and tried to arrest the TA troops it dropped off as suspected drug smugglers.
    The route between Hastings and pevensy bay is a well known route fro drug smuggaling
  8. Can't stress enough the importance of picking up the brass.

    As a matter of fact I'm almost glad I did all that leopard crawling, running up and down the range, trench-hopping and good-old-fashioned press-ups for all the cases found (or 'found') by our range staff after each day's firing.
  9. Bloke's a complete tosser but what are they going to charge him with? Littering?
  10. Being a "Richard"?
  11. Yes, sniper style rifle, my ****ing arse indeed!

    I must be a bit slow today, Couldn't recall a manufacturer called Black & Woodstock for a couple of minutes. I understand now! Air Arms rifle, black action with a wooden stock. More lazy journos? Or lazy plod press office?
  12. This made national news? C'mon... what a sham.
  13. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Be fair guys! This is an Air Arms we are talking about here, and they are very good air rifles. Imagine if it was the EV2 they'd knicked?! Looks dead sexy, a bit snipery to the uninitiated too. Very accurate, reliable, powerful (well, available in 6ft/lb and nearly 12ft/lb energy) and used in FT competitions quite succesfully . . . . if that's what they knicked of course.

    BTW - it might be grey, but that's a wooden stock I believe.


    Either way, I'm sure Air Arms are be glad of the publicity.

    As for the journo; what a tube.
  14. Yeah and notice how the really expensive stuff that got pinched only gets a 'by the way....' Sort of sums up police thinking and practice nowadays....anything with the slightest hint of terrorism, Moat-type madness...top attention, property theft? Who cares?