Sniper Spotted!!

He needs one of these. The muppet. How difficult is it to sort out your own cam, really?

Maybe he should concider the environment he's in and the background. Then he'll blend in with his surroundings a little better. At the moment he looks like a big pile of hay on a bike...... and people notice that sort of thing!
His legs are showing too, big give away. I suggests he gets a pair of these.


That must be one heavy boot, two handles so it should be a two man lift!
I used to have one of those daft camouflaged parker pen thingies (I got presented with it............ honest!)

Problem was I kept losing it every time I put it down.

Taxi for whistler
Yes_Sir! said:

MMMMMM Suits you Sniper Sir :D :D :D :D :D :D and they are in your size. BONUS
What's so funny? They're standard issue to the RAFRegt.
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