Sniper Smock Sling Hook

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Henry_Tombs, Jan 12, 2008.

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  1. Does anybody know if these are avalible by themselves (with the pad) to repair old smocks?
    DPM has become a dirty word in some civvy shooting circles so I am hoping to transform a plain green smock for the purpose; and before anybody suggests dyeing an old sniper smock to a plain colour, the use of padding in a jacket for civilian service rifle is verboten!
    (Bisley Bible rule 232)

    Please also note I have been a civvy for a long time now so suggestions about slipping the Q a fiver are out.

    Unless of course YOU are a Q. :D
  2. I don't know if SASS are still in business. They used to make alot of their own kit and were very helpful. (In fact some of the best customer relations I have ever come across - I did a quick search on google and couldn't find them, if they have gone bust it won't be through not putting the customer first, I wish more companies were like them)
  3. Thanks lads, email sent.
  4. H_T,

    Rule 232 and 233 appear to directly contradict each other - 233 allows padding at the shoulder, elbow and upper arm.

    Like most things with the NRA, it seems about 50 years out of date - a leather shooting jacket like an Andrew Tucker has far more effective padding/support than a cotton sniper smock.

    232 appears to apply only to service competitors wearing uniform. It stipulates that SA order webbing is to be worn - does than mean we'll be seeing Henry-Tombs in tweed jacket and ammo pouches? Do you still have your issue P'37 webbing......?
  5. Cheeky Sod! :D

    There is a debate going on at the moment regarding Civilian Service Rifle, is this what was called Practical Rifle until last year?
    Apparently there is now a Civilian Service Rifle NRA sub committee deciding what I can wear and shoot, and nobody told change there then! :(
  6. At least I didn't ask if you'd exchanged your leather webbing for the new-fangled web stuff....

    I'm not clear what "civilian service rifle" is supposed to mean anymore - now that civilians have no access to any post-1958 service rifle, that they are now largely excluded from service competitions (Methuen, etc), that the NRA has banned (a) rapid fire (from a bolt action!!!) (b) Fig11/12, "Hun's Head" and other humanoid targets (c) any military-sounding competition name.....
  7. Which is why I am concerned that there is, apparently an NRA sub committee debating Civilian Service Rifle that I or the the majority of us who shoot the discipline have no knowledge of.

    Is it very cold where you are? :)
  8. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Henry I have a cotton smallbore jacket that you can have for free, It fitted me 20 years ago! It also has the upper arm sling keeper.
  9. phone SASS they don't really understand the interweb :D
  10. I'm now sorted on this, thanks for all your help.