Sniper Smock DPM for sale.

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by BaldBleep, Feb 11, 2013.

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  1. Anyone interested? Its the old 60s pattern DPM, size 5, half lined, lining is in good nick, crotch flap, all pads intact, one inch long patch repair on the rear of the left shoulder, all pockets fasten with para style press studs, two para smock style internal pockets and poachers pocket in rear. All the cam tabs are present, and there are thread 'bunches' where the previous owner had attached more scrim. Previous owner was a member or the QORWK's/Queens sniper Plt, for anyone interested(?).

    Make an offer, I know its not worth much, but make a good hunting jacket for someone.

    PM me.
  2. OK you miserable bastards!! you leave me no choice..............SLR SLR SLR SLR SLR SLR SLR SLR SLR SLR SLR SLR SLR SLR (that should have the old boys falling over themselves to buy my smock out of sheer nostalgia!).
  3. Surely the size should be some combination of height and circumferance (190/120 springs the mind, but I'm fat). What does 5 represent?
  4. Put a piccie up, you'll get more interest.
  5. I knew the magic TLA would work!! I have no idea, its a proper old one, by way of a guide, I'm 5'9, 47" chest and it comes down to the v of my crotch.
  6. How about a pic?
  7. I hardy know you!!
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  8. I shall put a few pics up as soon as my shift ends, but bare in mind Im giving the thing away to someone who will give it a good home and use it. come to Kent and pick it up its yours for nowt!
  9. You tried that with your cock on a Girls Guides site and look what happened there...!
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  10. Sorry, that was meant for your missus
  11. You wouldn't like her Mate, she has a vagina.
  12. Fair point, still had better luck on the cBeebies site!
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  13. Fair one
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  14. To give an idea, my combat jacket was size 4. Size 5 is a bit bigger.

    ...although I think all sleeves were size 2.
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  15. There, fixed, should be sold in minutes!