Sniper Rifle

Several options here, do you mean the new .60 anti-material rifle?
The L96 has a new Gucci ( OK, Schmidt und Bender ) variable sight with stadiametric rangefinder. It looks ( and is ) substantially different from the old 7x42 sight, more akin to the sight that the USMC use - and they are expert snipers.

The AW ( Artic Warfare ) variant is a development of the otiginal L96: one key improvment is that it can fire rounds more rapidly ( Not RAPID FIRE ) without the bolt becoming stiff.

The L115 is a heavier version firing 8.59mm, accurate to longer ranges and issued to selected units. I wonder who that could mean. :roll: I think that RE EOD teams use it to dispose of unexploded ordnance

Cooool stuff.

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