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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by BevisRory, Mar 19, 2009.

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  1. Anybody got any good Sniper pictures I could use for a little project I'm doing at school?

    Faces can be blacked out if necessary...

    But I just need, 3 or 4 good pictures...

  2. Just take a picture of a bush, and say there is a sniper in the picture.....

    Then spend hours watching people peering in to the picture tring to "spot" the sniper :)
  3. Now thats what you call Cam

  4. Do a google search feller........ Then you'll find some that won't be a PERSEC issue.

    If you want a real bit of fun, just use random pictures of countryside, and tell you teacher that there's a properly camopuflaged sniper and spotter in there. Leave them staring for hours, and never tell them that there aren't any. Or are there.........

  6. PM me your e mail address, mate in Canada sent me an amazing video of Canadian snipers in action, 3rd shots a cracker as the arm flies off over the horizon.
    Goes for anyone else who wants to see it.
  7. Seen that video it's Ace.
  8. Got a couple of smashin pics of a big bad owner and then the end product of his handywork!
    (Titled as 'right between the eyes').

    However you need a VERY strong stomach as its a messy end for the terrorist & I aint posting em up, as it may bring about flash-backs for some of our people that HAVE been out there.

    PM me your Email Add if you are CERTAIN you want them mate.

    Be careful what you wish for, is all..... :!:
  9. Almost mate, its actually C-A-T, cat.

    Nice try though. :D
  10. Funnily enough I did a quick google image search and got this....

    Damn that Cam and Ghilli suit is good...... I think you can just see him just behind that daft looking bird with the long beak! :D


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