Sniper in Manchester

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by ex-dvr, Feb 15, 2003.

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  1. Sould we sign this person up (s)he could be needed!!

    "Police are hunting a sniper who shot four pedestrians with a high-powered air rifle.

    The shootings took place over a period of 10 hours in the Cheetham Hill area of Manchester, three of them on the same road.

    A 32-year-old man needed surgery to remove a pellet from his abdomen after he was shot while walking along Leicester Road last night.

    Another man was shot in the shoulder as he walked along the same road at 9pm.

    A third man was hit in the neck and shin as he walked along North Clifden Lane at around 3.30pm.

    And a woman was hit on the arm as she walked along Leicester Road just after midday. The pellet tore her coat but she was not injured.

    A spokeswoman for Greater Manchester Police said: "We are urging anyone with information to contact detectives."
  2. Soldier_Why

    Soldier_Why LE Moderator

    Obviously wasn't SAS or he would have missed everyone, shot himself in the foot, spent 3 weeks getting back to the centre of Manchester and then wrote a book about it!
  3. Soldier_Why

    Soldier_Why LE Moderator

    Oh, and blamed everyone else for the f*ckup!
  4. Can the powers that be find him, enhance his training and send him on an all expenses paid trip to Washington or camp David.

    Once the obvious target had been slotted, I think he could then be put forward for the Nobel piece prize.

    I wonder if the Politicians will listen to the people that marched early yesterday, BBC report 750,000 Police 1m + and organisers upto 2m.......WOW

    Is that not statement enough as to how the nation feels.
  5. Well mighty-no-nuts, I guess it does indicate how the nation feels about this issue.  Or would that be overstating it a little?  How many didn't march?  I say, let's organise a march in support of bombing the crap out of Iraq and perhaps France.  Dress for the day can be smart civilian attire in order to ensure we are not mistaken for a load of left wing, tree hugging, juan-kers who have such little else in their life they placetheir opinions with whoever is shouting at the time..........

    Anyone fancy joining me.....?  Mind you, would the alleged 'peace' protesters let a march like this go peacefully?  
  6. Soldier_Why

    Soldier_Why LE Moderator

    Mmmmm, an anti-peace rally.  That could just work..........
  7. Can we bring guns?
  8. mmm the brave master _sapling hiding behind anonymity

    Not a member of the Italian Armed forces are we?

    I say this because surely only a nig or a wannabe would actually be excited at the prospect of war, Im far from being a pacifist or a peace protester, I'm simply not in a hurry to see good mates slotted just so Dubya can move a drinks cabinet into Bagdad.

    Indeed Saddam does need removing from power, however is it our job or is it the task of the UN. I can think of a few dictators on a parallel with Mr Hussein but we are in no hurry to go and visit them in B-52s

    So in summary Mr Sapling of the Italian Army, sush nig!
  9. I was going to be calm and reasoned in my reply, but it's been a fcuking hard couple of days and I can't be arrsed

    Sapling, get a fcuking life , go get one on a 1033, get a spare if you have to. If up to 2,000,000 marched, then surely there would have been a counterpoint? Let's say a bunch of pro-war demonstrators, you know, the same fcuking tossers who'll be watching it over their cornflakes on CNN, and telling everyone that'll listen "God, I wish I was with them" If you know the square root of fcuk all, about war, then your poxy little answer is unjustified. Why not come back with an argument supporting the case for war against Saddam, WITHOUT a UN resolution?

    If you want to go, and are itching to slot an Iraqi, crack on. I can think of a shit load more people, who need to be immediately dealt with. North Korea and Zimbabwe spring to mind.

    Grow up, come back with a reasoned arguement. Don't bother coming back , trying to accuse me of tree-hugging, it won't wash. I'm as eager to see Saddam removed as the next man, it has to happen. But, I want to see it happen, within a quasi-legal framework, and not have Sgt Smith, Corporal Jones or Pte. Brown, standing in the hague, accused of sodding war crimes.
    Who is more likely to give WMD's to terrorists? The bloke that slots every one he can lay his hands on, or an Asian country desperate for dollars, or indeed, an african country, with a confessed hatred for "White neo-colonialists"?
  10. Gentlemen, calm down.  I could not agree more that there are several countries that need some administering besides Iraq.  However, I do not feel that that is a reason not to do anything.

    The members of this nation are perfectly within their rights to voice their opinions and march about whatever they like (although clearly certain issues would invoke ill feeling amongst some of you). But I maintain the opinion that a significant portion of those marching were there out of a love to go against the flow, sound off about something and, perhaps, did not really understand the real reason for being there.  

    As far as my own experience and having a life is concerned.  I have sufficiently plenty of both for now.  Indeed however, if I find I am wanting in the future I will certainly fill out a 1033 and come and see that pongo chap in the stores.  I presume from his rather irate, poorly written response that that is where he works, part time of course.  Anger management anyone?
  11. Another supercillious and condescending post Sapling.

    Your jumping to conclusions about other posters on this forum, evoked my first reply, and I see you're still doing it.

    Funny, I've seen both too, and if we must go into action, then let it be, as the British Forces always believe it should be, for a good and just cause, not a "Me too , me too" arrselicking extravaganza.

    Maybe a significant proportion of that crowd, weren't camp followers or communists? Some friends of mine were present, and the last accusation I could hurl at them, would be left-wing. They feel, as a lot of the British public seem to, that Blair has his eye off the ball, in his determination to felch Bush43.

    I note with interest, that the US is seeking to "Punish" Germany, for it's lack of co-operation, through the withdrawl of Forces, and other trade sanctions.

    Does that seem like a reaonable, well-thought out diplomatic strategy to you?

    This entire campaign, has been dogged by piss-poor media management and a glowing lack of a bloody good reason for a rush to war, especially, when one considers the worst case scenarios .

    I'm sure, as the popular saying goes "Our government knows more than we do" Quite possibly so. After all, all that satintel that Colin presented at the UN, has turned out to be balls. So, who would you believe?

    Oh, and amazingly enough, yet another Osama Bin Laden message has turned up. He's typing like a bugger for a dead guy.
    As for left-wing treehuggers opposed to the war?
    Well, if Sir Michael Rose, Sir Tim Garden, Tony Mason, Sir Patrick Cordingley, Norman Schwarzkopf etc can be defined as such, then I'm proud to be in their company.

    Yes, into Iraq, but not without a UN mandate, and certainly, not before all other avenues are exhausted.

    So Saddam has killed over a million? people as the Bluppet, triumphatly waving a shi'ite muslim students  letter to him, proclaims?(A clue for Tony B, the Shi'ites are not our mates, but they're awfully pally with the Iranians and fundamentalist Islam)

    Mugabe is on course to kill a damn sight more than that, Kim Il Yung certainly has.

    But then again, they haven't got oil, or lucrative rebuilding contracts in waiting.
  12. There are one or two shi'ites in my unit PTP ;)
  13. Must be the same one(s) that tried to shaft my career yesterday Ma ;)

    I dreamt I brained an Iraqi military dentist with a Luger last night

    "Is it safe PTP ferengee"

    Must lay off that Danish Blue before bedtime :(
  14. So were all these peace type bods protesting against the manchester sniper?
  15. This cunt needs to stop signing on as a guest and show himself. But that would involve coming out of his spunk ridden darkened bedroom in his mum's house where he's been frantically touching his working parts over CNN film of Op Granby and Telic and dowloading snaps of bare ladies......tell us "Guest" of your exact miltary experience.....