Sniper honoured for Iraq heroism

Well done that man!

A soldier has been awarded the Military Cross for gallantry while on a tour of duty in Iraq earlier this year.
Rifleman Jokini Sivo, 25, from Edinburgh, rescued his colleagues after they were attacked by insurgents.

The sniper, of 3 Battalion The Rifles, was awarded the medal for "conspicuous gallantry and leadership beyond the call of duty".


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Bl00dy good work - well done.
A Fijian who plays rugby? Well, there's a thing!

Well done that man. For the medal, as well.
Some good news for The Rifles(for a change).

Well done that bloke.
This type of courage truly shows that soldiers in the British Army are the best in the world despite some of the equipment short-comings they have to deal with.

This is a story of heroism, camaraderie and team work. There is no better way to describe the bond between British soldiers!

Well done, Rfn Sivo, and well deserved. :D :D 8)
Good news to all those on the honours list well done :D
****ing A !!!!!!!!!! Another man who shows that being part of the BIG family is what it is all about.

Well done that man I hope you get many beers for it, and that all the civi's who read this, start to appreciate what people like you do and why you do it.

Top Bloke !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What a super guy. Makes me proud to see such a great calibre of commonwealth soldier join us and do well. Hope he has had some wel deserved leave and that his family will make it over to the UK for the ceremony. Am entirely happy for my taxes to bring his family to the UK at public expense. Yet again the Fijians prove their worth and loyalty. Also the training team and his Regt staff should be credited with turning him in to the superstar that he is.
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