Sniper equipment

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by mattiep2505, Dec 17, 2011.

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  1. Any one know any good sites for sniper equipment I.e ghille suits, lens cloths........
  2. Lazy tw*t, try doing what any good sniper would do.....

    but here's a start....Sniper Central - Mel's Sniper Page
  3. google?
  4. Obviusly I ain't a sniper yet! Doing the course in jan! So pipe down ball bag!
  5. I think he meant make your own..... ballbag?
  6. Make your own suit and you will get lens cloth when you draw your rifle from the armoury. Simples.

  7. i know that...... BAWBAG?
  8. Wasn't he born with one?
  9. You failed then haven't you? and whats obvious about wanting to know where to get the kit due to going on a course? To me it would have been more obvious to look for something yourself using a search engine before making yourself look like a cnut on here.

    You might have been wanting to buy something for chrimbo......for a real soldier, who has the right attituude and skills to pass the course.

    What else you failed at?

    Gobshite prick didn't even have the brains or initative to google for info, then got chopsy cos someone pointed at the glaring lack of intelligence or positive attitude....nor did he have any mates or qualified snipers to ask.

    Good prep for a course starting in a few weeks..durch.

    Surprised you training wing are allowing you to do it with the blatant lack of prep, unless they just want you out of the way for a bit as you probabaly bore the shite out of them too.

    No worries, the QM's Dept always needs extra hands to make the brews.

    Enjoy the course...for the 3 days that you will be on it Nig.
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  10. I know a few Ghillies but don't think any of them have suits, though one defiantly has quite a nice tweed jacket I saw him wearing it at a funeral. If you are really desperate I am sure he would be willing to part with it for twenty quid and a bottle of 12 year old. Send me the money (cash) and a nice boxed malt and I will make sure he gets both and sends you the jacket. If you don't fancy the jacket I have an old suit you could have, same deal. I am not a ghillie but poach a few salmon now and then.
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  11. Lol cheers 4 that pal as my platoon 1 lancs recce platoon attached to brigade reconnaissance force is on leave and I got the joining instructions at 1300 on a Friday when I was leaving camp that's why it's not prepped! So thanks for the info any pal!
  12. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    I do hope you're being misdirecting in your choice of profile details, otherwise between your username, location as stated and this post, thats your persec well and truly fubarred.
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  13. Mattie, for feck sake!.....this site isn't secure. You've mentioned in other posts about being 4th BRF now you've given me an address to send the rotting fish and gay porn.

    With the weather as it is, also get a norgie snow suit , a white woolen ski mask/balaclava and a white sheet.

    Oh, and many moons ago I got the same deal re a fast ball sniper course, including the fact that my whole Bn were going on leave and they wanted me to give that up for 3 weeks of being beasted?

    Good luck..... I don't envy you.
  14. Awesome persec! Doesn't surprise me from some of the idiots I've met in infantry "recce" platoons though...
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  15. You've given your exact unit, most probably first name, initial of surname and last four.

    You're gonna hate the Stalk.