Sniper Elite V2

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by RNMAMULL, Mar 26, 2012.

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  1. Remember the old Sniper Elite?Well,its back......................and far better.Its out in early may on PS3,XBox and PC.Both Sp AND online COOP modes,other MP to be released at a later date.Plenty of vids on you tube but heres Killcam of the Week number 5 for those to lazy to look.

    Sniper Elite 2 Killcam of the Week # 5 [HD] - YouTube
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  2. Will get the demo later, hope its good
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  3. can you run people over with Kubelwagons?
  4. I downloaded the demo last night. I have to say it looks very nice. I've already enjoyed the short demo by shooting Ze Germans in different parts of the body. I quite like when you wound a soldier and another comes to treat him/pick him up and you can cut him down too. :)
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  5. The A.I. on OP Flashpoint: Red River was gash like that. If you pinged a "scorion on a stick motherfucer" out in the open his entire squad would bumble into the open. Mega.

    Is this a belated follow up to the Sniper Elite that was on the original xbox? I was ******* awful at that. I was about as covert as a spastic at a juggling convention.
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  6. Anyone have Rainbow6 or Rainbow 6 las vegas???? Terrorist hunt in hardcore??
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  7. Apparently, its meant as a 'reboot' of the original Sniper Elite and shouldn't be seen as a sequel. Its official, my favourite part to knack is the neck. =-D
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  8. I hope so as the first one was cack. I did however find myself holding my breath when taking longshots and the missus wasnt impressed by the carrier bag full of shit in the rucksack by the bed......

    "my favourite part to knack is the neck" Still having trouble with those chat up lines mate?
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  9. I downloaded it lastnight. I played it a couple of times.

    It's quite difficult, and I don't like the fact that you can't go prone (or at least I couldn't find a way)
  10. Well... I was dumped the other day... :|
  11. You can go prone. Just keep your finger on the crouch button.
  12. It's not your fault if she cant handle your monsterous thrapping thunderstick mate. ;-)
  13. You deserve several pints for that fine comment fella! =-D

    I'll deposit that £100 in your account later too...