sniper doctrine manning and depolyment with FR

Discussion in 'RAC' started by sniper9, Apr 21, 2010.

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  1. As most FR now have a sniper/sharpshooter capability it would make sense to have some sort of SOP how they are depolyed. Depolying thme as pairs within a Spt troop is a bit naff. Any agree that we should model it along infantary lines and deploy them in section/ troop or platoon strength, to aid C2 and ensure they are tasked correctly.
  2. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    The comment was made in a recent thread that FR Boot Troops do whatever the Squadron Leader tells them to.

    Cavalry doctrine has for as long as I can remember been less rigid than other arms and the greater degree of autonomy of RAC troops than infantry in particular suggests to me that imposing doctrine upon FR snipers would be a mistake.

  3. Nope, I don't think FR concentrate enough to justify a section full of snipers in any one place. I would regard this as an extra skill and not just in boot troop. No harm if you had pair in a sabre troop, extra skills in posting an OP e.g.
  4. Seen the article regarding the HCR sniper bloke who now holds the record for the longest kill.
  5. Absolutely, Sabre troop is a much more appropriate place for them. Good skill to have on hand.
  6. cheers chaps, thanks for the input, think 4 man teams should suffice. give the guys a bit more freedom of movement.
  7. Surely by having them in a sabre troop, then by using a pair or 4 man team dilutes the effectivness of the Sabre Troop, were having them from a support troop, will not affect the Sabre troop ??

    Id say the Sabre Troop commander wouldnt be happy loosing 2 or 4 men.
  8. Seems a no brainer to me, where in the feck would you stow a sniper/long range rifle on a Scimitar? Not like you can call the SQ forward every time you need to do a bit of flank protection! Surely slightly more room in boot troop to stow one or two?


  9. To me you will rarely fulfil what I consider a classic snipers role in FR because you're moving around too much, but having people with the skills in a sabre troop will give you an extra option, and a different way of looking at things in some situations. You wouldn't take them out of the troop so there's no loss.

    To answer another point, I'd stash the rifle alongside my officers large golfing brolley in the back bin on the turret, or in one of those unofficial bins down the vehicle side that were really lockers on their side, but that is a trick that only works on Fox I suspect.
  10. You mention Sniper and Sharpshooter, as a Sniper you are taught all the relevant fieldcraft skills to a very high level which include:-

    Map reading
    Cam and concealment
    Aerial Photo interpretation

    As a Sharpshooter you are a better shot, and thats it.

    The RM Snipers course is/was 6 weeks but is now longer. You will be a dedicated Sniper for the forseeable future as part of a troop set up and will be detached as a pair to wherever you are needed.

    While its great to have the extra capability I cannot see your boss wanting to have a troop of Snipers detached from his Unit "just in case", whereas having Sharpshooters would be an added bonus for the rest of the guys who will now have a permanent sentry...
  11. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    Apart from aerial photo interpretation, all those crafts are everyday to the role of any recce soldier.
  12. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    Hopefully any soldier :?
  13. The RM snipes course was 9 weeks untill it changed fairly recently to 11 weeks to incorporate snipes on snipes and some other tactical additions. And those skills mentioned by timex are practised to a far far higher standard than your average recce operator. Plus in addition to those mentioned there is also the training in the use of indirect fire.
    A long range rifleman or sharpshooter in the RM is widely referred to as "a failed sniper" (in the words of the RM snipes chief instructor on my course), or a candidate who passed the shoot phase but failed the rest (or parts of).
    Aside from all that though, a LRR and a snipes are different things and should be treated as such, ie... LRR as a section asset and a sniper pair as an attachment to a troop or coy orbat.
  14. I read an article on that just the other day, here's a link if anyone is interested:

    Times Online
  15. Stands corrected on the length of the course although I did mine in 78 so things may have changed!